What to Prepare in Repainting Outside of House


If you planning on repainting outside of the house, you will need to know what to prepare so you are doing everything efficiently and effectively. The job is not easy and by preparing properly you will help yourself from doing too much. It is one work from home and interior design that will need time and energy, so preparation is the key.

Bold colorful striped house exterior by banyan bridges

Measure the area 

The first thing in the preparation of repainting outside of house is to measure the area. By knowing how much area needs to be covered will help you determine how much paint you need and how long it will take. 

Decide on the paint

The next important thing to consider is the paint. You need to know not only the colors but also the type of paint that you are using for the exterior of the house. If you decide on using more than one color, consider if the color combinations complement each other.

For the type of paint, there are two of them that are recommended to be used as exterior paint, latex, and oil-based. Oil-based paints are long-lasting and water-resistant, it will give you a hard finish and is recommended to be used on top of oil-based paint too.

Latex can be applied and cleaned easily, it is also durable though not as much as oil-based paint, it is quite resistant to sunlight. 

Clean the surface

Make sure the surface is clean and dry. If some peelings or paint cracks are still found, you need to sand the area to be followed by priming it. Finish with the prime, then you can start to trim.

repainting outside of the house

The brush

Certain types of brushes are recommended for painting with a specific type of paint. Latex paint would be good to be paired with nylon or polyester brush. Oil-based paints are best to be applied with a natural bristle brush.


It is better for the repainting outside of the house on those days when the humidity is low. When the temperature is between 75-85 Fahrenheit or 23- 29 Celcius, that is the best time to paint your exterior. Be sure to follow the shade as you paint so that the heat blisters do not develop in your fresh paint. 

Shutters and doors

When it comes to painting the shutters, it is best to remove it first and paint it separately. If this can’t be done, an angled sash brush can be used to paint the shutters while it is attached. For doors, if you have metal ones, it is important to put oil-based primer and leave it for minimum 24 hours to dry before begin painting.