Maintaining Interior and Exterior House Painting


Many people would think that a painting job is done when the painting object has been coated with paint, but like any other thing, maintenance is necessary. The same goes for interior and exterior house painting, they are parts of the property that need maintenance. It does not matter if the house is rented or your private possession, it needs to be taken care of.

Interior house paint maintenance

Interior paint is an inseparable part of the home and interior design and to keep it looking good you will have to pay attention to it. Here are some tips on how to have a beautiful and fresh-looking coat of paint inside your house.

  1. Fading paint

The fading paint won’t look pretty. To prevent this you can put curtains or shades to block the sun rays that capable of fade the paint out. You can also put UV protectant to your window you need the sunlight. Opt for a high-quality interior and exterior house painting to lessen the fading to happen.

  1. Keep away stains

Clean the stains and spots on the wall right away, leaving it longer will only make it harder to remove. Damp sponge with a little bit of dish soap will do.

  1. Mold

Pay attention to those areas that are humid and warm, because mold more likely to grow there. If you find any, a mixture of bleach with water will help you get rid of it. Use mold-resistant paint for better prevention once you have a plan to repaint those areas.

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Exterior house paint maintenance

Between the interior and exterior house painting, the exterior part will need more attention in terms of maintenance. Exterior paint deals with more issues as it is exposed directly to the weather, sun rays, etc.

  1. Pressure wash

Grime and dirt will naturally come to the exterior painting, pressure wash it by using a garden hose and alike will do the job.

  1. Mold 

Apply anti-mold paint will help to prevent the spreading of the mold. Call for professional for a more thorough removal pf the mold.

  1. Rot prevention

Make sure that all corner boards and shutters are all well coated with paint. The paint will help to slow down the rotting of these wooden sidings.

  1. Repaint

Maintenance means repaint for exterior house paint. Weather, climates, natural elements, and other factors will slowly ‘destroy’ the paint. The frequency of repainting is depending on what material is used to build your house.

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