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The Best Model and Materials of Dark Gray Rug Living Room to Apply

dark grey rug living room-2
The use of rug in the living room not only makes the room feel comfortable but also enhances the aesthetics of the room. Currently, many choose the dark grey rug living room because the color seems neutral and can be adapted to any living room model. Come on, look at the inspiration for the living room grey rug below! Dark...

How to Choose the Best Decorative Rugs for Living Room

Decorative rugs for living room-7
How to choose decorative rugs for living room? Choosing a rug for the living room may not be a simple thing to do. There are so many considerations so that the final choice really meets the living room design and condition well. Moreover, if you prefer the decorative one, you must pay attention to some matters. Sometimes, decorative rugs...

Simple Tricks to Set Circle Rugs for Living Room

Sima Sage Green Round Rug in the Living Room
You don’t have to spend a lot of money only to start a home and interior design project. You can do as simple as putting a rug in a living room. A circle rug is a great option to make a living room look different than before. So, how to apply circle rugs for living room for a maximal...

Living Decorating Ideas by Using Exposed Beams and Trusses

Fabulous refurbishment of 150-year old home in Spain with stone walls and ceiling beams
In enlivening your living room decorating ideas, rural accent is one of most favorite theme. It is a timeless style which has a true charm even today’s homes appears in modern accent. Even, some talented designers try to combine the contrast accents between the rustic and modern style. Its warmth, intriguing and inviting ambience will make anyone feels comfort...

Purple Decoration Tips and Tricks for Your Living Room

Implementing purple decoration in your house should give a very fascinating effect inside. If you are a purple lover, then you must try these ideas given below. Lots of colors are matching to be combined with purple. What are they and how to deal with them all? Here we go to check it out. White as the neutral color can...

Round Sofa with Decorative Ideas for Home Interior Furniture

Gold Velvet Large Round Sofa
Living rooms becomes important room in our home, to make this room has a clean looks we can use round sofa. The other advantage from use white color to your sofas is, make roomy effect in to the living room. Besides that we can play with every color if we use white as our sofas. We can put red pink,...

Red Sofas with Bold Design for Modern Living Room Furniture

Minimalist living room with red sofa
You can decorate your living room with red sofas. Red color can match with some color, like white, black, yellow, cream, and many more. For your living room design, you can use that color to make it more eye catching. Red is powerful color can use for traditional design or modern design. Red color can makes your life more energetic....


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