New Arbat Apartment – Ortal Fireplace for Wonderful Modern Apartment in Stylish Interior Design


Enjoy a life in modern apartment with ortal fireplace is desire of every person. Isn’t what you want? Especially if you live in the middle of a big city are congested. You certainly missed a quiet place to make as your resting place. More than it, you can also use it as a place to work and a place to do all your activities. So, it will be interesting for going our live starting from the beautiful place that is our home stead.

Like a beautiful modern apartment design with ortal fireplace cost and luxurious interior design provides an atmosphere which is so convenient for the owner. New Arbat Apartment is a residential project completed by SL*Project. The living room is designed in a modern interior. It looks from the facilities. This room has a luxurious sofa with bright colors. As well, equipped with lights that lined the roof of elongated and emit bright light. While the brown sofa and floor which looks classics provide a luxurious atmosphere in this room.

Dining Table Also Clear Chairs Also Contemporary Open Storage

Glass Dining Table At New Home Dining Room Near Colorful Carpet

Gorgeous kitchen with wooden walls also become part of giving beauty in this apartment. This room is connected to each other. Thus, utilizing the furniture as a room divider between each other is a good idea. While the white walls also make an important change to this room. This room looks to be more spacious and pleasant.

Home furnishings are also selected from quality materials. Wood cabinets and wood chairs provide an elegant impression, while modern kitchen with modern furnishings also provide a fun option. Ceramic table with cabinets underneath are also very interesting. While hanging lights on the roof can be seen more enjoyable. Bookshelves on the wall are also good idea. Every design in this room is really interesting. Modern apartment design ideas which apply ortal fireplace media are very good, and enjoyable to be living space.

Home Living Space Near Circle Coffee Table

Kitchen Inside New Home Lightened Aside Arch Lamp Also Track Lamp On Ceiling

Open Floor Dining Room Also Family Room That Round Sofa

TV Cabinet Also Long Grey Toho Sofa Near An Arch Lamp

Family Room At New Home Indoor Hanging Chair

Granite Kitchen Table Near Contemporary Pendant Lamps Over It

Home Near Contemporary Fireplace At Family Room

Roon Due To Clean Glass Wall At New Home Covered Aside Clear Curtain

Transparent Bathroom Use Glass Door View From Living Room

Indoor Planters Inside Around Bathroom Near Claw Foot Tub Faucet

Home Bathroom Near Open Mount Wall Bathroom Storage

Black Tile Backdrop Also Lightened Aside Ceiling Lamp

Bedroom Near Queen Size Bed Also Comfy Headboard Add Near Indoor Plant On Corner

Track Lamp On Ceiling Also Stick Pendant Lamp Over Side Table

Home Near Reading Nook Clear Chair Also Footboard On Corner