M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh Architect / Stunning Home with Modern and Rustic Element


In this article, we are going to get the design of home in Michigan that is situated in better style with a front porch design. Here is the application of sustainable Michigan house. It combines the rustic and modern element design. Overlooking West Grand Traverse Bay, this house is really conceptualized in stunning house design. M-22 House is a stunning private residence that was designed by Michael Fitzburg Architect.

Here are several designs in this article. Now, the first style will be in the exterior application of the house in facades. The house is situated in L-shaped and perpendicular design. The front porch design of this house is situated in wonderful ideas with circular pattern with green plants. The lighting system that is applied in this house is also situated in stunning area. There is also the wonderful outdoor design that is situated with natural pond. The design is stylized with opened fireplace at the center of the pond. This modular home in Michigan is really great to see.

M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh Architect - Stoney Ground Also Some Of Trees Inside Garden

Well, get further decorations of the house that are offered in this article. The first style comes with the comfortable seating place with wooden deck situation. There is also a set of small chairs with yellow round table. The interior design of this house is situated in high ceiling design. They add purple sofa design with glass table as decoration ideas. A long iron fireplace as hung fireplace also decorates the room. The second level of the house is situated as home library with small yellow chaise chair and yellow ottoman design. The wooden ceiling for the high place is decorated by the built-in lights to make it dazzling.

Some ideas that we provide in this house are situated in stunning looks. It offers the stunning lighting systems and also the home interior decorations. The nuance of the house will be also in charming nuance. Now, get the modular home manufacturers which apply the front porch design in Michigan in order to make proper styles.

Living Area Including Black Sofa Added Near Yellow Round Table

Living Room with Purple Sofa and Glass Table as Decoration

M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh Architect - Living Room Decorated with Unique Hung Fireplace

Bedroom Decoration with Colorful Pillows On Clear Bed On Wooden Floor

White Lounger Added Near An Arc Lamp On Floor

M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh Architect - Kitchen Area

Bathroom Decoration with Wide Mirror On Wall Added Near Vase Of Flower On Table

M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh Architect - Wooden Staircase Land On Floor

Including An Indoor Stair Near All Wooden Staircase

Single Loungre Also Wooden Table On Clear Rug

Twin Loungers Added Near Square Table On Wooden Floor

Square Mirror On Clear Wall Also Sink On Floor

Indoor Pool Surrounding Near All Wooden Floor

Indoor Pool Added Near Wooden Floor

M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh Architect

M-22 House by Michael Fitzhugh Architect - Bay Windows On Wall Decor

Lounge SpIncluding Chairs Along With Table


Photography by: Dietrich Floeter Photography