Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudadanas : Market Design Ideas with High Inspiration and Innovation


ParedesPino Architects have completed this Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudadanas (CAAC) project in Cordoba, Spain 2010. This is wonderful market design ideas because this market is built in the center of city with high inspiration design. You can sell many kinds of the stuff in this market. This is clean market, so you can go there to refresh your mind. For the woman, here is your heaven. Anyway, do you want to see them? Hopefully they can give you some reference for building best market with high inspiration and innovation. This market is not only giving what you want to buy, but this market gives you fresh and comfortable sensation for shopping.  Check this out !

Centro Abierto de Actividades Ciudadanas (CAAC)

Here are some pictures of this market. You can see some colorful circles in this market. Actually these circles are the umbrella. They are colorful umbrellas with white columns. They stand on the colorful flooring with colorful polka dots. If you see closer, these umbrellas have flat layers. Well, it is best place for shopping. It is even this public market design ideas can be refreshing place for your family.

See, the performance of this market in the night. You can see the city light in this market. This market seems so bright with some lamps. Then, see the performance of the market in the afternoon. There are many cars and shops under the roofs. You can buy good clothes, nice towels, and many kinds of the things here. Almost all of you need in the home, can be found in this market.

Caac Designed Among Many Colorful Umbrellas Standing To Cover Floorig As Gathering Area

Colorful Area On The Bottom from Toadstools Or Umbrellas Decorated By Polka Dots Painted under Green Blue Orange Also More

Night View from Caac Among Very Bright Lighting Installed To Illuminating Area On The Bottom from Umbrellas

Eveing View from Caac Area Among Gray Colored Top Umbrella With Glamorous Floorig With Lighting

Playful Caac Bazaar Area Covered By Elegant Umbrellas Among Colorful Top To Enjoy Blue Sky

See the umbrella closer. Those umbrellas have white ceiling with small white lamps. Those lamps can make this market bright and beautiful. Even, you can lie down on the roof of these umbrellas. It will be great sensation. Wonderful public market design ideas can be found in the city.

View from Caac Seen By Night Among Stylish Recessed Lighting Installed Near Bottom Surface from Umbrellas

Play Ground Area Namely Caac Among Unique Covers To Keep Lower Area Shady Also Comfortable as All

Glossy View from Huge Caac Umbrellas Also Toadstools Displaying Blue Sky Elegantly Among White Painted Bottom Surface

Colorful Umbrella Among Cool Playground Set On The Bottom from Taodstool Like Umbrella To Keep It Shady as Everyone

Catching Caac Area Covered By Colorful Huge Umbrellas Set As Features Also Protection as People Seen From Top


Photography by : Jorge López Conde and Paredes Pino