Tattoo House : Square Home Architecture as Living Place Revolution


Do you like square home architecture? You have a big chance to get the reference here. This is the home as living place revolution because this house is designed with high inspiration and innovation. That’s why this home will be loved for the people in the future. Through these pictures here, you can get the examples of the exterior and interior designs of this home. What are you waiting for? Check this out.

Tattoo House Exterior Facade View Among Incredible White Film Detail Displayed By Transparent Glass Over Facade Windows

Tattoo House - Austin Maynard Architects

See, these are the performances of the home which can be seen through some pictures. The square house architecture can be seen clearly through the first picture. The tree tattoo makes this room seems so wonderful. It gives special effect. Se, there is glass door and glass windows in this house. The front house applies oak flooring and the oak flooring. In the right side, you have large enough space. Anyway, some parts of this house are designed with white. This is white wall with flat roof.

Tattoo House by Austin Maynard Architects

Let’s see inside the house. The white stair appears nicely in this house. When we see the performance of the outside view, it is like there are some trees in front of the house. Then, those tree shadows can be seen in the glass wall. Back to the stair, next to the stair is the red cabinet with white countertop. There are sink and the faucet in this cabinet. In front of the cabinet is red storage. There is white refrigerator in this room.

This room has the red oak flooring and white ceiling. It is nice living place revolution. It can increase your social status.  You know, this house is called Tattoo House. It is located in Australia. This is designed by Andrew Maynard Architects. Through those square house design pictures, hopefully you can apply some good reference from these pictures.

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Nd Open Tattoo House Kitchen Area Among Folding Glass Doors Surrounding Cantilevered Area To Keep House Modern

Nd Open Tattoo House Kitchen Area

Red Kitchen Interior Decor from Tattoo House Among Unique Floating Staircase To Access Loft Built Above Kitchen

Kitchen Staircase Idea from Tattoo House Among Unique White Glossy To Save More Space under Red Also White Kitchen

Floating Tattoo House Staircase Design Painted under Glossy White To Access Home Loft Area Painted under Red

Tattoo House Indoor Area Among Cool Double Height Frameless Glass Windows With Tattoo Also Fire Work Lighting

Upper Floor Area from Tattoo House Among Cool Shady Accent Created By Cool White Patterned Glass Windows Area

Shady Detail Created By White Tattoo Design Displayed By Transparent Wall To Beautify Tattoo House Interior

Shady Detail Created By Tattoo Detail Over Glass Walls from Tattoo House To Beautify Home Interior Area

Lighting Detail from Tattoo House Facade Area Among White Tattoo Detail Illuminated By Indoor Lighting

Tattoo House Design Among Unique Window Film Detail Displaying Near Frameless Glass Windows Near First Floor

Tattoo House Exterior Design Among Elegant White Tattoo Detail Displayed By Clear Glass Windows Idea