The Best Model and Materials of Dark Gray Rug Living Room to Apply


The use of rug in the living room not only makes the room feel comfortable but also enhances the aesthetics of the room. Currently, many choose the dark grey rug living room because the color seems neutral and can be adapted to any living room model. Come on, look at the inspiration for the living room grey rug below!

Dark Grey Rug Model

Gray abstract

This rug has an abstract pattern in the form of gray circles. This motif is suitable for use in a living room with a minimalist and modern feel. The use of chair colors that match the color of the rug also makes the room look more attractive.

gray abstract rug living room

Fleece rug

If you want your home to look luxurious, then using a dark gray fur rug as your modern furniture and decor to complement the living room is the right choice. Adapted to a minimalist guest table made of natural teak or brown. Guaranteed a flood of compliments from friends, relatives, or lovers.

Gray Rug Area Rug Wool Rug Fleece Rug Home Decor Wool Area Rug

Rhombic grey

This pattern of dark grey rug living room is suitable for those of you who want to have a living room with a homey feel. This rug motif is quite popular in the market, so you are sure to find a motif with the color you want. The use of a pattern like this in the living room makes the room look modern and beautiful.

Rhombic grey rug living room ideas

Round rug

This rug is perfect for pairing with a round table too. Coupled with chairs that have an old feel. You can make a dream of a classic home feel.

Most importantly, so that the rug does not look dirty. Then you must be diligent in cleaning it. Can use a vacuum cleaner or wash it directly. If you can’t, you can take it to a special carpet washing place.

round grey rug living room ideas


Types of Living Room Rug Materials

Well, several kinds of models or patterns have been described above. But you also need to understand what types are often used. Along with the advantages, so you don’t choose the wrong choice:

Heavy-duty rug

It is usually used in outdoor living rooms. Weather and dirt resistance is what makes it popular with many people. Make your house look more beautiful even if only from the outside.

Wool rug

As the name implies, the main ingredient is wool, which is quite popular in the community. The characteristics are thick and smooth. So it is very appropriate to use in the winter/rainy season.

Cotton rug

You could say the price is cheaper when compared to wool. A solution for those of you who have a minimal budget to buy a rug.

dark grey rug living room ideas
dark grey rug living room ideas-1
dark grey rug living room-2
dark grey rug living room-3

How have you chosen the material, shape, and model of the dark grey rug living room? There is no need to be pushy, the most important thing is that it can provide you with comfort, appropriate character, and not be boring.