Courtyard House | Open Floor Concept for Lovely Multi Level House Designs


DeForest Architects has beautifully composed lovely multi-level house designs with open floor concept for this modern retreat called the Courtyard House in Seattle, WA, United States. Completed in 2012, the strong beautiful wooden accent appears as the seductive platform for both exterior and interior decoration. Yes, wood was used for almost all of the part, of course along with some additional high quality materials such as glass, slate concrete, and steel. The ambiance feels so warm and homey as a result from the wood which produces an authentic warm and intimate feeling. Then the appearance also looks absolutely contemporary, sturdy and elegant as well. The glass and steel features apparently produce maximum modern and sleek outlook.

Courtyard House by DeForest Architects - Dark Colored Door Along With Dim Yellow Wall Lamp ©DeForest Architects

Courtyard House by DeForest Architects ©DeForest Architects

This house was also basically designed with open floor concept, along with an abundance of glazing and integrated outdoor indoor living space. Based on well-formed multi-level house plans, the living rooms were appeared in indoor and outdoor setting. The outdoor living space was located in the upper level in the balcony terrace. For the indoor living room which was cited in the ground level, the design appears obviously spacious. Warm wooden floor was set along with floor to ceiling windows which have lovely wooden frames. Wood was also used for the ceiling and wall as well. As a result, an ultimate homey and comfy milieu feels so strong.

Courtyard House by DeForest Architects - Living Room ©DeForest Architects

About the furniture arrangement, brown sectional sofas were put along together with wooden coffee table. One classy slate fireplace with wooden panels enhances the beauty of warm ambiance. Near the living, a dining space and one kitchen were designed with wood as the basic material. The kitchen also appears absolutely spacious and has captivating furniture decoration including marble table and brown leather chairs. Near the dining, one wooden staircase with steel handrail was built and will escort the way to the upper floor. In this level, there is a bedroom which has enchanting balcony. The home owner could enjoy the beautiful sea scenery within the balcony for sure.

Soft Grey Colored Back Chair Along With Bright Ceiling Lamps ©DeForest Architects

Soft Grey Colored Back Chair Along With Bright Ceiling Lamps ©DeForest Architects ©DeForest Architects

Courtyard House by DeForest Architects - Light Brown Wooden Staircase With Dark Handrail ©DeForest Architects

Light Brown Colored Wooden Floor Along With Wooden Staircase ©DeForest Architects

Light Brown Colored Ceiling Made From Wood ©DeForest Architects

Other captivating features including high wooden ceiling, vigorous wooden fences in the front side and so on also expose the best design of contemporary style with wood as the vibe. Each room within the house was generally formed with precise development and successfully shows the beauty of wood. In summary, based on its affecting concept and through its mature multi-level home plans with open floor concept, this illustration absolutely will provide new idea and innovative inspiration about contemporary living space decoration.

Light Brown Colored Wooden Door Near Silver Handle

Dark Brown Colored Blanket Along With Clear Bed Linen ©DeForest Architects

Courtyard House by DeForest Architects - Colored Bed Linen With Green Leaves Motives ©DeForest Architects

Blue Mint Colored Windows Cover Along With Several Ball Pendant Lamps ©DeForest Architects

Blue Mint Colored Wall Along With Glass Bathing Space Partition Wall ©DeForest Architects

Courtyard House by DeForest Architects - Black Colored Metallic Gate Doors ©DeForest Architects

Light Brown Colored Outer Gate Wall Made From Wood ©DeForest Architects

Photography by : Benjamin Benschneider