Decoration Ideas For Modern Furniture and Decor


Modern furniture and decor is easy to find. The characteristics of modern houses are flat roofs, wide glass windows, and the use of bright colors, such as white and pastel colors. The modern design also tries to present balance by featuring natural elements, such as wood materials used in several parts of the house and using plants as decoration.

Though the main characteristic of modern design is practicality both in room functions and furniture presence, it does not mean that modern houses should be minimum in decorations. For you who want to know what decorations are suitable for modern houses, here they are.

Wall Ornaments

It would be such a waste if walls are left empty and plain. Besides family photos, some wall decorations or wall ornaments can also sweeten your modern house. You can opt for hanging your favorite paintings or artsy souvenirs you got from visiting special places.

Modern Furniture and Decor

Flowers and Green Plants

A house in a modern design will be complete with natural decorations. Flowers and green plants can make a modern house look fresh. There are some options you can choose to be placed on the table, such as cactus. As you know, this plant requires simple and easy treatment. It does not need a lot of water nor direct sunlight.

Cactus interior design trend
Cactus interior design trend

But if you prefer something more colorful, crysanthemum flower will be a great option. This flower has charming colors, like purple, yellow, and pink. You can choose one color or combine them instead. Besides pretty, crysanthemum flowers are also beneficial for the body because they can break down harmful compounds. This flower can also be a pretty combination for your garden and patio furniture.

Coral summer home decor – design by Decorilla

To fill the empty corner of your room or as a good combination for your balcony sets outdoor furniture, you can choose green plants.


One of the decorative elements that has a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures is wallpaper. Make the modern design in your house perfect by installing wallpaper. However, there are several things you should consider. For a living room, it will be better if you choose textured wallpaper to accentuate the walls. Choose the one in floral, geometrical, or monochromatic patterns. Make sure the color matches the overall living room.

Beautiful Rooms With Geometric Wallpaper

For a family room, choose wallpaper made from vinyl for easy cleaning, especially if you have kids. Install brown, beige, or light green wallpaper. Calm patterns like curves or stripes can make the room look attractive yet calming. Wallpaper is instant home furnishings and decor.

Find the balance between patterned and geometric wallpaper
Geometrical bed room wallpaper ideas

Bean Bag

A cozy bean bag should not be missed in a modern family room. You can adjust the bean bag color with the dominant color in your family room. But if you want to use the bean bag as a bold accent, opt for the one in contrast colors with your family room. There are several things that you need to consider in choosing a bean bag. First, make sure the stitches are neat so that the styrofoam inside will not get messy.

bean bag living room ideas

Choose a bean bag made from soft materials or elastic cottons so that it can easily absorb sweat. You are suggested to pick the one that has 2 layers; the cover layer and soft filling layer. Besides comfortable, this kind of bean bag is also easy to wash. You can combine this comfy modern decoration with a large round grey rug or dark grey rug living room.

Hanging Lamps

Hanging lamps can increase the look of a modern house. But to maintain the modern look, it is not suggested to choose the one with too many details. Instead, choose a hanging lamp that has an elegant, charming shape. Do not pick the one that is too long, one third of the room height is enough. But if your modern house has high ceilings, you can opt for a hanging lamp whose length reaches a half of the room height.

Living Room Pendant Lighting Ideas


Place a rug if you want your modern house to feel warmer and more homey. For example, you can choose a pretty wool rug to be placed in your living room. But make sure it is easy to clean. While for a family room, elastic rugs will be suitable for high activities. Do not use a thick furry rug if you or your family members are allergic to dust or fur.

Modern Furniture and Decor for Living Room


The next idea for modern furniture and decor is cushions. There is nothing wrong to add some soft and comfy cushions to your modern living room or family room. Besides function as a decorative element, cushions can also make your modern living room look more friendly. Balance the cushion color with your sofa. If your sofa is plain, you can opt for cushions in bright colors, such as red. Cushions can be a cheerful accent. However, do not place too many cushions because it makes your sofa less comfortable.

Warm ethno living room with big comfortable leather couch and metal furniture


In the world of home design, mirrors are famous as a decorative element that can make a room look more spacious. Even a small mirror in your dresser. So, if your modern house is not really spacious, choosing a mirror as a modern decoration is a smart idea. Choose the one that has minimum details. Do not place the mirror facing the door. Moreover, the light from wall lamps will be reflected by the mirror. So, your modern house looks even more charming.

Stylish and elegant interior of living room with design gold armchair velvet sofa lamp poster frames

Main Entrance

A large main entrance has become a trend lately. If you are interested in following the trend, a 48-inch main door is suitable for your modern house. Besides its elegant shape, this kind of door can bring a classic touch to your modern house. Interested to try it? This idea is suitable for you who prefer unique home decor accessories.

Modern Furniture and Decor-1

Those are some ideas for modern decorations that you can try. In choosing ones, do not forget to consider the size and materials. Moreover, pick decorations that meet your budget. So, which modern furniture and decor do you want to apply?