Clearview Residence by Altius Architecture Inc


Some people like to build unique home style for their dwelling place. The home has different design from the others. The different design will make the owner proud because it has high creativity and there are no similarities from the other home. People like to be different from other to show their personality. The same case also happens in the home design. The unique home style has strong character of elegant and luxury design. The studio Altius Architecture Inc knows that unique design is important for designing modern home. One of the unique home styles called Clearview Residence is located in central Ontario, Canada. Altius Architecture Inc has completed this unique home design in 2011.

Beside of the unique design, the architect also makes the home comfortable and enjoyable. The unique home design ideas with walk in shower bath are combined by lush green panorama. The home is striking between the green color surround it. The wooden color in exterior design is matched with environment atmosphere. Wooden material is flexible. It can easy combine with modern home design and it gives natural atmosphere in the modern home design. The home design follow the terrain surround the home. It make the construction is designed according to the terrain condition. It is smart idea for sustainability design.

Applied Plank Wood Also Shed Door

Entry Door Also Wooden Outdoor Staircases

Clearview Residence by Altius Architecture Inc - Exterior Design

Floot Also Glass Folding Door Reflected Like A Mirror

The interior design also has smart design. When we enter inside the home, modern design is powerfully felt. The bright color and large window is dominating for decorating the home interior design. This decoration makes the room look brighter. This condition is saving the energy consumption, because in the day it will not need lamp. It is very compatible in modern era, when sustainability is needed for saving the energy. Other sustainability feature is embedded in the home design. Solar panel makes the home more eco-friendly for the environment.

The unique design, beautiful scenery, modern design, and eco-friendly design is excellent idea for creating an amazing home. The combination of the features make the owner will always stay in the home enjoying the panorama without use the energy too much. Unusual home design ideas with walk in shower designs are amazing choice for designing the modern home.

Applied Concrete Floor Also Artistic Wall Paintings

White Painted Wall Among Classic Wall Painting

Chrome Fence Also Planter At Corner

White Tile Shower Backsplash At Home Interior

Floor Applied Also White Cabinet And Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Also Granite Countertop Open Floor To Dining Area

Floor Decorated Among White Pendant Lamp Desings

High Glass Window Above Hallway

Bed Also Upholstered Headboard under Home

Applied Wooden Deck Also Concrete Tile Walls

Tile Wall Among False Waterfall Also High Window as Ventilation

Bright Lighting From Inside Applied Among Some Gravels

Clearview Residence by Altius Architecture Inc

Panel Showing Interior Side from This House To Outside

From Outside Among Small Lake Also Surrounded By Pinery With Bright Lighting


Photography by :  Jonathan Savoie