Bridge House / Stylish Home Design by Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects


Bridge House has unique sense of creativity. It is created for people who want their home different from the other. It is different from other involve the size, shape, and exterior design. Bridge House project has designed by Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc. Completed in 2005, this Bridge House Project is placed in Marin City, California, USA. The architect uses the creativity for designing this stylish home design.

According to the name, the bridge house design has long shape. It is long like a bridge. From the outside, the home actually is like a bridge. The home is located in the valley between two hills. The home is like connect the one hill to another. It is smart idea for designing the unique home design. Designing by flat roof make the roof can be through like a bridge. The exterior design is dominating by natural wooden color. It looks so natural. The wooden color enhances the similarity of a bridge. Some square decoration breaks the monotony of the bridge house exterior design.

Bridge House - Clean Glass Wall Appearing Interior Side

Unstable Site Near Greenery Hill Among Lush from Vegetations

Walkway Near Sloping Site Connected House To Environment

Wall Also Walkways And Wooden Entry Door

Bridge House by Stanley Saitowitz Natoma Architects

Bridge House - Driveway Also Fences Near Hill Site Environment

Green Lawn Also Lush Vegetations Give Fresh Air as Ventilation

The interior design is designed by modern design. The designer put the big attention for the beautiful view surround the valley. Large glass wall and window is dominating around the interior design. The owner can enjoy the beautiful panorama optimize. The green plant on the hill is perfect scenery for relaxation. The owner can enjoy the panorama from inside the house, so the owner can keep feeling comfort. The complete facilities in the home make the relaxation become funny activity.

The luxury and swanky interior design is applied in the room interior design. Modern design is felt powerfully. Constructing a modern house in the beautiful panorama is brilliant idea. It makes the enjoying panorama become great activity. Far from the crowded urban area is the best place for relaxation. The interior bridge house design with marble bathroom ideas increases the comfortable.

Decorated Among Blue Sleeper Sofa Also Carpet Area Near Living Room

Floor To Dining Area Also Decor Among Dark Grey Sofa And Lounger

Bridge House - Fireplace Also Clean Glass Entry Doors

Furniture Also View Due To Floor To Ceiling Glass Window

Plank Wall Near Hallway under That Applied Striped Runner Carpet

Shower Door Also Covered Bath Tubs

Chairs Among Open Ceiling At Bridge House Plus An Outdoor Barbeque

Outdoor Flooring Also Open Ceilings Covered Glass Balustrade

Bridge House by Stanley Saitowitz  Natoma Architects - Applied Outdoor Dining Area At Terrace

Lawn Near Small Hill Land At Outside Home


Photos courtesy of Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Inc