1232 Sunset Plaza | Deluxe Modern House Design by Belzberg Architects


Belzberg Architects has inspiringly composed a luxurious modern house design with a rectangular glass coffee table for this lavish modern retreat named 1232 Sunset Plaza. Located in California, this dwelling stands elegantly, and it was completed with a spacious breezy courtyard and one modern infinity pool. The main building itself was appeared in white longitudinal structure, with an abundance of luxury glass sliding doors and floor to ceiling windows. Modern flat roof and overhangs, also some wooden panels and cladding apparently escalate the sense of futuristic of this retreat.

Several Clear Colored Chairs Surrounding Dark Brown Wooden Table

White Colored Building Frame Which Is Made From Concrete Along With Bright Lighting Inside

And if we explore the interior design inside the house, we could clearly find that the arrangement is about modernity in a very sleek and lavish style. Through precise modern house design ideas, the glazing was blended with black slate wall and white painted ceiling for the living room. Warm wooden washed floor was apparently formed in term of producing a warm and intimate milieu for the room. Moreover, the furniture decoration allows silver sectional sofa appears elegantly along together with rectangular glass coffee table and white rug. Two additional living rooms were also developed in this deluxe retreat so the owner could get a maximum enjoyable living experience.

House Near Clear Colored Comfy Sofa Along With Triangle Shaped Table Made From Dark Brown Wooden Material

White Colored Sectional Sofa Along With Clear Colored Wooden Low Table

Dark Colored Floor Carpet Along With Bright Clear Lighting From Stand Lamp

White Colored Floor Carpet Along With Black Wall Which Is Made From Concrete

Exploring deeper, we could see the dining room was arranged with a very modern concept. The white ceiling has a very enchanting wooden sink panel, and apparently it appears as the best companion for white slate floor and those lucent glass windows. For furniture arrangement, glass dining table was set along with black curved chunky chairs. A crystal pendant lamp, white killim rug and black cabinets become the best accessories of this dining space. Furthermore, the kitchen also appears absolutely alluring with white marble countertop, vigorous wooden cabinets and white tile backsplash.

Light Brown Colored Kitchen Island Along With Clear Surface Which Is Made From Marble

Light Brown Colored Wooden Kitchen Vanity Along With Black Colored Countertop

Several Dark Brown Colored Wooden Chairs Which Have Silver Stainless Frame

The upper level generally appears similarly very enchanting. It consists of additional living room, bedrooms, a fitness center and modern bathrooms. Overall, each room within this deluxe dwelling was formed with high quality materials. Start from the outside; vigorous sleek exterior decoration, breezy courtyard and infinity pool, until the inside which shows a very lavish interior decoration, this residence is absolutely seductive. To sum up, based on its well planned and mature form for each decoration both interior and exterior, this modern dwelling could be cited as one of the most captivating illustrations of modern house plan ideas with the rectangular glass coffee table, which will highly recommended as a modern design reference.

Light Brown Colored Wooden Floor Along With Transparent Glass Panels Of Handrail

White Colored Bed Linen Grey Floor Carpet Along With Dark Brown Wooden Floor

Dark Colored Floor Carpet Dark Brown Wooden Floor Along With Transparent Glass Sliding Door

White Colored Bathtub Along With Dark Brown Colored Wooden Frame

Dark Colored Long Sofa Along With Several Silver Colored Arch Lamp Made From Metallic

Black Colored Net Chairs Which Are Made From Metallic Material Along With Clear Concrete Floor

Brown Colored Floor Which Is Made From Wooden Veneer Along With Several Grey Threadmill

White Colored Net Chair Along With Light Brown Colored Floor Which Is Made From Wood

House Near Several Light Brown Colored Wooden First Floor Door Along With Clear Concrete Wall