Z-Shaped House Design in Modern Style in Mexico


Nowadays, people prefer to get unique shape in designing the lovely house; as here a house found Mexico that is in Z-shaped house design. This home design is a modern house designed by NonWarp. The Z-shaped house that is exactly located in Puebla, Mexico is well known called as Lv-Z House. It is a house that has wide opened and opaque area to make it different with the building around.

These are several pictures of this kind of house. The architect designed this Z-shaped house design ideas in sharp end building by accomplishing white nuance as dominant. This house is surrounded by paving street in acute of the building. It is two-storey house shaping Z and including concrete materials in white and grey and also some glass facades. In one side, the façade is designed in stripes grey vertical panels alternating with the glass. In the acute side, they make orange pillar as supporting and decorating ideas. Behind this house, there is a lawn in front of the façade building in two-storey and it is parted with stick iron fences.

Massive Uncanny Design Applied To El Uro House under Mexico Showing Small Porch Also Entry Among Wooden Door

Going looked at the design of this house is unique enough. Although this design is designed as Z shape, this needs to pile one building in other and make other smaller building at behind. The smaller building is designed in free space with no furniture and it uses glass facades in white frames. While the room inside is stylized in soft room nuance including cream ceramic flooring and also wall and some wooden pillar at corner. It is different with the main building having acute. The design is modern enough by accomplishing nice lighting system included on the floor outside. The door entering the room is made of brown wooden door.

This Z house looks so stunning when with its exterior design. Z-shaped house design ideas and concepts can be new ideas that can inspire our mind in designing new house.

Lines Exterior Lv Z House under Mexico Suspended Architecture Design Among Orange Pillar Also Concrete Pavings Driveway

Night View from Lv Z House Side Showing Reased Porch Also Entryway Design Among Wooden Entry Door

Lv Z House Design Idea under Mexico Among Modern Also Large Blind Window under That Show Half Interior From Outside

Courtyard Design Outside El Uro House under Mexico Among Metal Fence Nearby Home Gym With Glass Window

House Floor Plan from Lv Z House under Mexico Showing Two Car Garage Also Kitchen Nearby It Among Open Floor Living Dining

Details House Floor Plan from Lv Z House under Mexico Triangular Shaped House Among Large Courtyard Also Garden

Details from Sections Plan At Lv Z House under Mexico Among Proces from Floating From Parking Living To Sleeping

Volumetry House Plan under Grey Showing Different Point from View From All Side from Lv Z House under Mexico

Program Details from Lv Z House under Mexico Among Its Room Part Name From Paking Area To Bedroom 3 Near Upper Level

Two Sides House Sections Plan from Lv Z House under Mexico Show Three Levels Floor House Design

Modern Front Also Back House Elevation Plan At Lv Z House under Mexico Show Garage Clearly