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Z-Shaped House Design in Modern Style in Mexico

Night View from Lv Z House Side Showing Reased Porch Also Entryway Design Among Wooden Entry Door
Nowadays, people prefer to get unique shape in designing the lovely house; as here a house found Mexico that is in Z-shaped house design. This home design is a modern house designed by NonWarp. The Z-shaped house that is exactly located in Puebla, Mexico is well known called as Lv-Z House. It is a house that has wide opened...

Luxurious Bellevue Hill House Interior Design in Sydney

Wooden Flooring and Modern Sofa Furniture Decorations
Some people want to get impression of luxurious in designing their house interior design. Here is a contemporary home located in Sydney, Australia. The house is usually well known as Bellevue Hill House designed by Rolf Ockert; Architect. They crafted this interior house in stylish for the background and furniture chosen. Here are some pictures and details can be checked....


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