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Modern Bathroom Designs Featuring Exquisite Sinks

Stunning Modern Bathroom Sink - Elwood Townhouse
When you are designing your modern bathroom, you will need to take care of many items at the same time. But today, we will present the various beautiful designs for the sink. The bathroom sink may be just a little detail among the bathroom space. Although it does not provide the same level of luxury, unlike the bathtub space,...

5 Useful Tips for Creating Glass Shower Doors Design

Attractive Doorless Glass Shower Design
In this modern day and age, having an elegant and clean design for your bathroom is becoming a primary need, one of the examples is glass shower doors design. The use of glass for shower doors keeps increasing from year to year, because glass can give a large space effect that makes an insulated space looks more spacious. However, the utilization...

Subway Tile Bathroom Types

Large charcoal gray diagonal tiles on the floor paired with the white subway tiles
Subway tile bathroom will be the perfect idea for your bathroom design and decoration. As we know, bathroom is one of important rooms at home. You will spend many times here daily. Choosing the best subway tile for bathroom will be the best idea for you. There are a lot of designs and styles you can choose. Those aspects will help...

Bathroom Sink Cabinets Buying Guides

Bathroom with classic subway tile, rustic wood planks
Bathroom Sink Cabinets function is similar with your kitchen cabinet. It offers you the storage option and function at once. As your bathroom sink cabinet use for storage option, you should choose well-constructed cabinet that designed with drawer at least with 3/8 inch to ½ inch thickness especially for the bottom. The opened drawer offer spacious feel but closed drawer...

Modern Bathroom Shower Designs

Open Walk In Bathroom Shower Design
Are you dreaming of a spa-like space for your bathroom shower design? A shower as a part of interior in bathroom designs has various trends that can create sensation of taking a bath in a five star hotel. To create a luxury bathroom shower you don’t always need wide spaces since you can make your small spaces to look bigger...

Bathroom Mirrors Unique Ideas

Unique barel mirror frame for bathroom
Bathroom mirrors ideas are easy thing to be discussed. You can get easier way for finding the right mirror by using some considerations. Some aspects you can consider on this project are functionality and your room style. By combining those aspects, you will get easier way to finish this project. Besides that, you can also follow some guides in order to...

Simple Ideas for Your Bathroom Floor Tile

Patterned bathroom floor tile ideas
Bathroom floor tile ideas will be the easy things for us. As we know tile is the perfect material to be applied on your bathroom floor. You can easily finding the right tiles for bathroom if you consider function and styles as the important aspects on this project. Do we need some guides for only applying tile on the bathroom floor?...


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