Glebe Residence | Modern Contemporary Residence by Batay-Csorba Architects


Renovating the contemporary residence with the glass windows installation should creative in order to the residence become wonderful of amazing. The Glebe residence which is located in Ottawa, ON, Canada looks wonderful. The project of this house is designed by Betay- Csorba Architects. This house is built in three storey house design. The design of this house looks simple and also minimalist. The black wall exterior design makes the house looks amazing. The large windows and cool doors made of transparent glass windows make the house looks beautiful.

The contemporary residence design also looks amazing when it is looked from the facade. The black and white wall exterior design with the glass windows installation make the residence looks fantastic. The white walls design is attached at the first and second picture. Meanwhile, the black wall color is applied at the third picture. The room of this house is also decorated with black and white interior design. It is applied in the kitchen. The wall of this room is colored in white. The ceiling in this kitchen is colored in white and cream. The black cabinet and shelf are located at the edge of the kitchen.

Glebe Residence by Batay-Csorba Architects

Including Two Level Of Floor Construction Near Combination Of Glass Windows Along With Dark Board On Wall Decor

White Coloring Theme Combined Near Dark Board Added With Wide Glass Windows On Outside Wall

Glebe Residence by Batay-Csorba Architects 2

Living Room with Wooden Table Added and Black Chair Also Green Along With Blue On Grey Sofa

Glebe Residence by Batay-Csorba Architects - Livingroom

Spacious Spof Glebe Residence Including Blue Along With Green Couches On Grey Sofa Added Near Wooden Table On Floor

White On Bed Added Near Fan Light Hang On Ceiling Also Bay Windows On Wall Decor

Glebe Residence by Batay-Csorba Architects - Bedroom

The kitchen is also decorated with a kitchen bar which is located in the middle of the room. The cabinet and kitchen bar are decorated with the white countertop. It looks stylish and also elegant. The black bar chairs are put in front of the kitchen bar. The stylish interior used in the dining room makes the dining room looks cool. A rectangle wooden table colored in brown which is located in the middle of the room is surrounded with the white chairs. This dining room is also decorated with a large chandelier in modern design.

Black Seat Chairs On Glossy Floor Also Faucet Along With Sinks On Clear Countertop Kitchen Bar

Glossy Kitchen Bar Added With Small Chairs Along With Orange Rocking Chairs Also Low Glass Table

Sink Along With Metallic Water Faucet On Clear Countertop Of Wooden Dresser On Glossy Floor

The kitchen bar used in the kitchen is available with the wine rack. The shape of this rack is square shape design. It is colored in white. The contemporary houses designs with the glass windows installation which are decorated with stylish and cool interior and exterior makes the house owners feel enjoy.

Fruits Plates On Wooden Table Surrounded Near Clear Chairs Under Drum Shaped Pendant Lamp

Open SpLounge Concept Including Twin Webbed Lounger On Wooden Board On Floor


Photography by : Doublespace Photography , Batay-Csorba Architect