RGR House / Awesome Stone Decoration for Both House Exterior and Interior


House with stone decoration is attractive. The stone can be set for both house interior and exterior. It will give textural feature for the wall. There are many types and colors of this decoration. RGR House shows us how to implement stone wall in perfect design. It decorates the wall with the combination between concrete and stone material. Moreover, there are solar panels for the house energy source. This house was created by archiNOW and completed in 2011. The location of the house is in Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

This house is a four story floor levels with a basement as its garage. The front view of this house is decorated by black fence and stone decoration wall. There is also yard that is filled with the green grass. A tree is also grown there to make green environment. Entrance door is constructed on the stone wall. The first floor is designed in stone and the upper floor is the concrete. At the other side of the house, there is garden too that is filled with many kind of trees and bushes. Let’s take a look inside the building!

Awesome Stone Decoration Exterior 2- RGR House by archiNOW!

Awesome Stone Decoration Exterior - RGR House by archiNOW!

Awesome Stone Decoration for Both House Exterior and Interior - RGR House by archiNOW!

Modern Facade View Of RGR House Near Wooden Door Along Near Brown Stone Wall Near Grass Front Yard

Bright Lighting Outside RGR House Near Stone Wall Along Near Clear Wall Near Green Grass Yard

Living room has parquet floor in caramel brown color which is the same material as its terrace floor. Stone still decorates this room too. Grey and subtle white curtain complete the glass window at the side of the room. This room also has L-shaped sofa in yellow-brown color. There are photo frames above the sofa that fill the empty wall space. If we look across the room, we can find the kitchen in wood material too.

Fabulous Living Room Near Brown Sectional Sofa Facing Black TV Over Wooden Cabinet Inside RGR House

Long Brown Sectional Sofa Inside RGR House Living Room Near Hardwood Floor Near Kitchen Area

RGR House by archiNOW! - Interior Kitchen with Black Furniture Design and Wooden Flooring

Simple Partition To RGR House Kitchen Near Black Stools Along Near Black Island On Grey Floor

Near this room, there is long desk with chairs that can be used as a working or studying table. This is really space efficient. The wall has alphabet design which shows chic and modernity. This alphabetical decoration has light brown color. The desk is thin and made from wood slab. It is strong enough and looks so comfortable to sit in. This house with stone wall decoration ideas has so many of home design inspiration.

Comfortable Home Office Space Inside RGR House Near Long Wooden Desk Along Near Black Swirly Chairs On Wooden Floor

Awesome Stone Decoration Exterior Staircase with Metal Handrails - RGR House by archiNOW!

Appealing Landscape Outside RGR House Near Green Grass Yard Along Near Green Plantations Near It

Stunning Details Inside RGR House Exterior Near Brown Stone Wall Along Near Wooden Door Near Wooden Deck

RGR House by archiNOW!

Amazing Design Plan Of RGR House Interior Near Dining Room Along Near Kitchen Space On Wooden Floor

Cozy Design Plan For RGR House Near Small Dining Room Along Near Interesting Kitchen Near Living Room

Fascinating Floor Design Plan Of RGR House Near Some Comfortable Bedrooms Along Near Cozy Bathrooms

Brilliant Design Plan Of RGR House Elevation Near Wide Garage Space Along Near Contemporary Architecture

Minimalist Elevation Design Plan For RGR House Near Under Ground Garage Space Along Near Some Levels Over It

Sensational Facade Design Plan Of RGR House Near Wooden Wall Along Near Wooden Shutters Inside Roadside

Wonderful RGR House Elevation Design Plan Near Stone Wall Along Near Clear Wall Near Outdoor Staircase




Photography by : Daniele Domenicali