Ideas to make a DIY Storage Bench


If you are looking for functional furniture that does not spend too much space, then you need to get multipurpose furniture that does not only provide comfort but also additional storage and aesthetic. This kind of furniture is versatile so that it looks good to be placed anywhere. The majority of multipurpose furniture is available in high prices. However, you can cut the budget by trying some of these ideas of building DIY storage bench.

DIY Patio Storage Bench

If you need to combine comfort, aesthetic, and storage into one piece, you can take benefit of bed’s footboard. Cut it into some pieces in order to form the bench frame and armrests. For the storage, you can add scrap drawer beneath the surface. Meanwhile, to provide the comfort, you can add cushion above the surface. This innovative bench can serves as comfortable seat in the terrace and functional storage for outdoor clutter.

Meanwhile, if you need furniture to keep clutter inside your home, you can transform the cabinet you have into more functional piece. For instance, you can turn the tall cabinet in horizontal use and trimmed it using scrap wood. Add the casters on its bottom part. These casters will make this furniture more flexible since you can move it anywhere you prefer in the house. You should apply furring strips on its top so that it creates comfortable place to sit on. This cabinet serves as smart bench that you can place especially near the windowsill.

Another room in the house which usually packed with clutter is kid room. To solve this condition, you can take benefit of a particle board to create the frame of DIY storage bench. This will be turned into sliding cabinet so that you need to make pocket holes. After installing the top, upright, and back parts and add the sliding doors. Since it has soft surface, the top can be used as seat for kids while playing.

DIY Banquette Storage Bench
Cabinet Storage Bench