Haus Am See by Spado Architects | Glass Windows Architecture for Modern Austrian Lakeside House


Modern Austrian lakeside house with glass windows architecture is named as Haus Am See. Spado Architects creates it brilliantly. In Carinthia, Austria, and your dream house is ready providing you nice environment to get you relaxed. However, the house is still designed modernly. In other words, the design and the environment are matched beautifully with their different characteristics.

Volumes Near Darkwood Entry Door Along With Glass Window Beside It

Haus Am See by Spado Architects - Exterior 5

Bright but neutral design of the interiors is elegant and modern. Although the location of the house is near lake, a swimming pool behind the house is acceptable. Near the pool, a kitchen inside the house with fully white cabinets is okay to have black house. The contrast in a single kitchen is shown since the kitchen is open. The black kitchen table is facing the glass windows architecture and pool. In the other room, this lakeside house in Austria gives the view of the large fresh lake. Living room is one of them.

Ceiling Lamps Illuminate Glossy Kitchen Cabinet Along With Grenite Island

Haus Am See by Spado Architects - Bathroom Decoration

In the living room, the sofas are brown but dark, while the floor is also brown but light. Only few additional interiors are okay since the room will still feel comfort and cozy. Quite mood is needed to refresh people mind and mood. The fresh lake will be perfect with the proper interior design. This, white and black are the most often appear color for their simplicity and elegance. Moreover, they are the most appropriate color to be matched with any other room design. With the also neutral room, the atmosphere will be warm and calm.

Living Room with Lake View Applied Timber Floor Along With Large Glass Window

Alley Under Volume Near Glass Window Floor To Ceiling View Outside

Outdoor Staircase Use Glass Balustrade Along With Rustic Landscape Beside It

Wooden Deck Along With Water Feature Surrounded Green As Well As Lush Vegetations

Granite Floor Connected To Green Lawn On Courtyard

Haus Am See by Spado Architects - Exterior 2

In the night, the house is brightly shining with their lighting system. The lighting is chosen to be white and warm. Such lighting will add the elegance of the house. The three story house will seem very large. Moreover, a staircase is positioned outside the house in the right side of it. This area has to have enough lighting. Some wooden base-material walls and glass windows architecture are also found in this lakeside house design in Austria.

Haus Am See by Spado Architects - Exterior 4

Outdoor Staircase Applied Lamps Illuminated From Inside House

Stone Fence Shown Also Interior Side Throught Glass Windows

Outdoor Staircase Appliead Some Outdoor Lamps

Haus Am See by Spado Architects - Exterior 6

Haus Am See by Spado Architects - Exterior

Outdoor Staircase Along With Mulch Space On Garden

Photography by : Kurt Kuball