Midvale Courtyard House / Contemporary Home With Wooden Staircase


Do you need any idea in renovating your current living space to be a stylish and incredible wooden staircase? Perhaps, this Midvale Courtyard House would be a great inspiration for you. Designed by Bruns Architecture, this cozy living space features the mix of a comfort living space along with the extensive use of timber for interiors and exteriors, as well as astonishing interior design. Yet, we really appreciate how this home perfectly balances its coziness along with the beauty aspect.

Midvale Courtyard House Among Concrete Wall Also Wide Pergola Near Green Trees

Midvale Courtyard House Among Grey Concrete Wall Also Wooden Wall Near Green Trees

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, this Midvale Courtyard House celebrates the coziness through the extensive use of transparent glass element along with the charming rich tone. Take a look at this wooden staircase design for the cozy living room, which includes the textured stone accent wall in gorgeous grey tone that marks as fireplace mantel kit. To absorb the warmth provided by fireplace to the fullest, this space is equipped with comfortable seating, including this stylish black Barcelona chair. Yet, we really love the choice of beautiful pillows in rich color that matches the interior beautifully.

Space from Midvale Courtyard House Among Wooden Staircase Also Long Wooden Bench

Inside Midvale Courtyard House Among Wooden Footings Also Long Wooden Handrail

Midvale Courtyard House Among Black Chairs Also Long Brown Sofa Near Brown Rug

Room Also Dining Room Inside Home Among Wooden Table And Many Chairs

Kitchen Space Among Wooden Counter Also Wooden Stools Near White Shelves

Space under Home Among Wooden Drawers Also Wooden Cabinets On The Bottom from Wooden Ceiling

Our favorite spot in this cool home is this bedroom. This cozy bedroom celebrates the airy vibe and bright look through the extensive use of transparent glass element. Imagine how nice it is to wake up every morning with the warm morning light covering your body. Despite the minimalist approach, the interior of this bedroom looks totally extraordinary. Take a look at the cool and wonderful structure of the ceiling, which blends metal and wooden material, to create an eye-catchy detail. See also the simple yet lovely use of framed artworks to decorate the wall space.

Inside Midvale Courtyard House Among Wooden Bed Anf Grey Wall Udner Wooden Ceiling

Inside Midvale Courtyard House Among Wooden Floor Also White Tub Near Glass Shower Room

Midvale Courtyard House Bathroom Among Wooden Wall Also Wooden Ceiling Near White Tub

As to maximize the coziness within this Midvale Courtyard House, you can find this comfortable and sunny outdoor sitting space. The comfortable sofa is placed to this outdoor space, which features the natural grey splash as to blend with the surrounding perfectly. More pop of colors are seen not only from the beautiful blue sky and fresh green plants, but also from the charming and lovely pillows placed on the sofa. Equipped with outdoor fire pit, this wooden staircase with glass undoubtedly provides the comfortable living space both indoors and outdoors.

Midvale Courtyard House Among Rattan Sofas Also Rattan Table Near Circle Staircase

Sofas under Home Terrace Among Open Fireplace Also Concrete Floor

Terrace Among Concrete Footings Near Wooden Pergola Also Wooden Wall

Midvale Courtyard House Among Wooden Floor Also Some Wooden Lounge Chairs

Photography by: Tricia Shay