Easy Home Decor and Accessories You Should Try


Home decor and accessories are available a lot out there. You just need to choose the ones that match your home design and taste. When it comes to decorating your house, you have to believe and rely on your creativity. But if you find it hard, you can try these easy ideas of home decorations and accessories.


Besides for lighting, lamps can also function as a decorative element at your house. You can also use a lamp to fill an empty corner. There are some types of lamps that you can choose, such as standing lamps, hanging lamps, table lamps, hiding lamps and so on. There is even one that is extremely ideal to use as a decoration, which is tumblr lamps. Make sure you choose a lamp that fits the theme of the room. For example, if you want your room to look masculine, an industrial-designed lamp made from metal will be suitable.

Tumblr lamps for bedroom

Moreover, do not forget to properly place it. Tumblr lamps will be more properly placed in a bedroom instead of for bathroom remodels for small bathrooms, don’t you agree?


You can bring a character in the room at your house by placing a rug or carpet. Cute rugs for room will make the area look cozy and invite anyone to get relaxed. A friendly nuance will be easily created by using decorative rugs for living rooms. The types and materials of rugs can determine the interior design of rooms as well. For instance, use a rug made from seagrass materials if you want to bring a tropical theme. An ethnic nuance can be easily created by simply placing the one with tribal patterns. Choose colorful rugs for bedroom if you want the area to look more cheerful.

Cute rugs for room
Colorful Rug The Rug Company Matthew Williamson
Colorful Rug The Design Files Open House

Do you want to make your bedroom look more spacious and fancy? Opt for large area rugs for bedroom or large colorful area rugs.


It will surely be fun to get relaxed in soft cushions after a long busy day. Especially if the cushions look decorative and pretty. Do not doubt to add a little touch of pastel colors to your cushions. Pastel colors like sky blue, pale yellow, or soft pink will make the appearance of your interior design look fresher. Besides, do you know that pastel colors can reduce your stress and make your mood better?

Grey sofa with pastel cushions in pink grey and blue


Your interior design will be complete if you add curtains to your windows. Actually, this thing should not be missed if you want to create precious moments that are more personal at your own house. Using curtains can provide you more privacy. It can also beautify your house interior design. You can also add curtains to large sliding doors exterior or single sliding patio door. Clean and minimalist atmospheres will be created if you opt for curtains with neutral colors or natural colors.

living room curtains ibiza beach house

Natural colors and neutral colors are safe to be combined with any interior concepts. By choosing the right colors, curtains can help you to create warm and private moments with your family.

Rattan Baskets

If you want to affordably redesign your house to be sweeter, rattan baskets are an ideal solution. Besides decoration, rattan baskets can also function as storage where you can store your small items. So, you can easily find them when you need them. Rattan baskets will bring a natural touch to your house interior design. It is also suitable for a minimalist house. You can flexibly place this decoration element in any rooms at your house. You can place it in your living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom to store your towels.

Living room with Rattan Baskets

Flower Vases

The next home decor and accessories are flower vases. If you are getting bored with the ambience of your house, why don’t you try to make it more lively by giving a fresh touch? Green plants and bright flowers can be your solution. Place decorative flowers in a vase. Choose a unique vase to beautify your room. A flower vase can even be a focal point if you can properly choose it. For example, you can opt for a big ceramic vase to fill up an empty corner in your family room. Or, a pretty glass flower vase on your dining table.

living room design with Flower Vases

Wall Art

Giving some art scratches to your walls with wall art is the best way to make your room look more decorative and artsy. Choose paintings with your desired theme, such as pop art, building, nature, or other genre. By applying wall art on your walls, your room will look more lively. Wall art is a great decoration to avoid plain and empty walls.

Wall Decorations

Wall decorations are quite similar with wall art. While wall art tends to be art objects, wall decorations are more varied and more flexible. Framed family photos can also be categorized as wall decorations. Choose frames with unique patterns or unique shapes and hang it on the walls. Or, you can opt for your favorite quotes to make you always motivated. Give a bit of abstract decorations to strengthen the meaning of your favorite quotes.

Corner lounge with blue and olive velvet cushions-1024x683
Boho chic styled room with teal and green cushions

Show Off Your Hobby

Your hobby will only be a hobby if you do not show it. So, give a special display to show off the masterpieces of your hobby that can be your mood booster. For you who love travelling, why don’t you collect souvenirs from every country you visited and place them on a floating shelf? If you love reading, have a bookshelf in a unique shape or unique color to store your book collections. You can show off any of your hobbies; action figures, mini cars, knittings, and many more.

Easy Home Decor and Accessories You Should Try

Besides keeping you motivated to continue your hobby, this idea can also be a unique decoration for your house interior design.

Multifunction Furniture

If you think using accessories is too mainstream for decorations, you can opt for multifunction eye-catching furniture. For example, a burgundy sofa bed, cyan coffee table, and so on. So, are you interested in trying these home decor and accessories?

Mid century modern scene with breuer cushion