Cliff House / Monochrome Two-Story House by Scott Allen Architecture


Exposes modernity and elegance for this two-story house with sectional sofas will help the owner feel happy and comfort. Many buildings are colored and designed in one color theme this time, that’s why the simple and minimalist look are very booming. Some architecture has different way and style to show their uniqueness and creativity. As well as Scott Allen Architecture used special though and idea on it.

The wooden interior shows modest and vintage look beside the modern and glamour exterior. Sometimes one side maximal decoration is chosen by some homeowner because it looks different and nice. The good appearance mantel will cheat the guests while they are entering the house and seeing the simple interior inside. Stark and flat designs are matches with the modern design and facilities. Wooden appliances are filling the house in all parts of the room. The wooden cabinet, wooden kitchen sets and wooden ceiling and floors are decorated in the same color. Ancient pendant lamps are hanging the owner’s dreams to lighter their way. Those are some two-story house plans which use sectional sofa fabric for the interior sitting place from the interior side and perception.

Interior Also Planters Surrounding Area

Glass Also River Giving Fresh Atmoshere Area

The box and block shaped building looks like a millennium lift from a distance. This modern house style has an outdoor place for a terrace with wide view above. Besides glamour and spacious area, the amazing amenity is adorning the house. The waterfront in front of the building is very lofty and beautiful. There is also a small boat on it to travelling the wide waterfront facility. The water facility is adding the calm nuance after the wide leafy green forest on the back side house. The glass materials are used for protecting every border side of the building. Grayish theme color above the waterfront gives calm and tranquil atmosphere. In the outer side of the cliff house, the great water facilities are available; it looks like a fisherman’s village in a city.

Maximizing the water view to build fresh facility is good and nice moreover when the surround environment has the same. Luxurious and glamour style will be friendly with water decoration on it. The modern two story house plans which apply sectional sofas design in Gig Harbor, in Pierce County, Washington, USA exposes the nature aspect.

Facing Fire Place under Home Decor

Steel Pillows Also Wodoen Table At Home

Paint Wall At Home under That Carpet Givign Nice Area

Living Room with Sofas under Home under That Paint Wall Completed Area

Color At Home Also Glass Wall Add Stylish Area

Wall Showing Outside View By Home

Home Also Pendant Lamps Completed Area

Pendant Lamps under Home Finished Furnitures

Windows Showing Fresh River At Home

Windows under That Showing Outside View At Home

Home Showing River Also Bridges

Faucet Also At Home And Wooden Cabinets Completed Area

Color from Wall Also All from Object Finished Decor

Home Make Area More Comfortable under Area

Which Giving Fresh Home Area

Deck Also Planters Surrounding Home Area

Cliff House 1

Cliff House 2

Cliff House 3

Cliff House 4


Photography by: Tim Bies