Maintaining Wooden Patio Furniture Properly


When you have wooden patio furniture inside the beautiful patio just outside your house, you need to know exactly how to maintain the furniture properly. Maintaining wooden furniture inside the patio cannot be taken for granted. They are special furniture and they are made out of wood. Wood is not going to last forever if you do not maintain them properly. That is why maintaining wooden patio furniture must be done really carefully and regularly. Below are some tips to maintain the furniture.

Wooden Patio Furniture with Beautiful Lighting
Wooden Patio Furniture with Beautiful Lighting. Image Source : houseandleisure
  1. Keep Out of the Sun

Wooden furniture is prone to direct sunlight. It can ruin the furniture gradually. That is why keeping your furniture out of the direct sunlight is quite important. However, you place the wooden furniture inside the patio in which very easy for the sunlight to hit the patio. Patio is normally located outside the house and direct sunlight can hit the furniture easily as well. That is why you need to arrange the placement of the furniture precisely. Choose the spot inside the patio that is blocked from the direct sunlight. You need to do this especially during the summer when the temperature can be more than 140 degrees. Temperature of that degree can easily cook the finishes on the wooden furniture. The color of your furniture will fade and eventually the furniture can dry, shrink, and crack. That is why it is so necessary that you keep the furniture out of the direct sunlight.

  1. Clean with Water

Cleaning wooden furniture inside your patio is actually quite simple because all you need to prepare is just water and a piece of cloth. Wooden furniture is always finished with a special material that will keep the color of the furniture and keep the furniture shining. This finish is actually prone to chemical materials and heat as well. That is why in order to prevent the finish from getting broken, you need to clean the wooden furniture in your patio using room temperature water and a piece of cloth. Soak the cloth into a bucket of water and then squeeze it properly. Use the damp cloth to wipe the furniture. For the dirtier part, you can use a brush and clean the dirty part gently. Wipe with another piece of clean cloth in the end. Do the cleaning for at least once a week and your wooden patio furniture will remain clean and shining for a long time.

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Kim Hoyt Architect Park Slope Garden with Back Stairs Gardenista. Photo : Dan Wonderly 
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