5 Tips to Do Very Small Bathroom Remodel at Home


A small and minimalist bathroom is often built in a small size house. Even, it tends to be a favorite bathroom type because it looks simple and minimalist. If you get confused about remodeling your small bathroom, you should apply the following tips to do on a very small bathroom remodel.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Design 

The first way to do is finding the right bathroom design to remodel it. You should find some existed references before remodeling a very small bathroom. You should start to find the references for the bathroom designs from the magazine and social media. After you get the right design of a very small bathroom, you need to find a contractor to build it. You need to find the trusted one to help you remodel your small bathroom. For this thing, you can find it from colleagues, friends, or the surrounding information. It applies when you find a home and interior design.

Small bathroom ideas

Using Wallpaper

The next step is using wallpaper to remodel your very small bathroom. The bathroom remodel is a designing part of home and interior design. The right wallpaper can be put in your small and minimalist bathroom. Using wallpaper or paint with many colorful colors will make your room look narrow. Thus, you have to use one paint color to make a wide impression. You should select the color reflecting light well like green or white. You should prevent dark colors like black in your bathroom.

Small bathroom ideas with wallpaper

Using Lamp Accessories 

You can use the cover of light having a big size but it doesn’t dominate the room. This way can give a wide impression on the ceiling and roof of your bathroom. Of course, it doesn’t make your small bathroom look full. You can apply this way to a very small bathroom remodel.

Small bathroom ideas with Using Lamp Accessories

Benefiting the Room 

You can put some room decoration details that are not needed. It will make your small bathroom look narrower. Thus, you can use some unpredictable spaces to use optimally. As an example, you can use it under the washbasin to be the place to save tissue or the others. It will be a versatile spot that you can benefit from in a very small bathroom.

Putting Some Items on The Wall 

The last way is to put some items and details on the wall. It can make your very small bathroom look wider. The wall can be an alternative space to put it all. You can put some items such as scissors, soap container, and the others on the wall to manage a very small bathroom remodel.

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