Northbridge House II | Contemporary Home Design by Roth Architects


The architectures in Sidney, Roth Architects have created a comfortable home design called Northbridge House II which is designed with a fashionable exterior model. Located in Northbridge NSW, Australia. The wooden deck with swimming pool is fresh and unites each other. The wooden entry staircase is also added behind the pool. The two story house building is attractive with its glass material. Stand amongst the pine trees make it fresh and friendly. The curvy wooden fence is mixed with white gate wall.

Northbridge House II by Roth Architects

On the interior, the captivating look provides from the bright interior theme. Wood material is also added on this interior that becomes warm and charming. The wooden wall panel is completing the living space with fabric upholstered sofa and glass coffee table. The blue carpet is also decorating the grey floor color. The comfortable home interior design which is equipped with modern kitchen design is deluxe and sophisticated. Blond kitchen bar is combined with white hanging cabinets.

Have a breakfast with natural view through the glass wall is very cozy. Moreover, the wooden dining table and white dining chairs is very stylish. There is also a corridor which is connected the different room with white marble floor. Modern bathroom design with glass window and wooden frame is suitable. The design of every part of this modern building is very smooth and perfect. It is also added with fashionable color combination which is performed by brown wood, grey granite and white paint color.

Living Room with Modern Grey Sofa Furniture

Interior Inside Kitchen Along With Living Space Near Concrete Flooring Ideas

Frame Door Used Contemporary Decoration

Dresser Furniture Completed Near Wooden Wall Decor

Decor Used Contemporary Near Concrete Flooring

Wooden Wall Along With Concrete Flooring Inside Contemporary Style For Inspiration

The second floor is also equipped with verandah and it is covered with red floor tiles. In the same floor, the bathroom with floating white cabinet and modern faucet design is very complete. The white bathtub is clean and chic which is located in the corner near the window. Black floor tiles are very contrast with the luminous color. The comfortable home interior design with the fabric upholstered sofa which are created by Roth Architects are very inspiring with its decoration model.

Vanity Along With Bathtub Decor Inside Minimalist Space Used Contemporary Decoration Ideas

Northbridge House II by Roth Architects

Concrete Tile Flooring Inside Tropical Contemporary Style

Northbridge House ii Swirls

Exterior Decorated Near Wooden Wall Along With Concrete Flooring

Small Inground Pool Used Wooden Deck Flooring

Space Near Inground Pool Used Contemporary Decoration

Photography by : Murray Fredericks