Villa Anemolia | Attractive Villa Interior Design by MPLUSM Architects


The white interior room design applied in the Villa Anemolia makes the room of this villa looks spacious and also bright. This villa is located in Megalochori, Santorini, Greece. It is designed by MPLUSM Architects. The white interior villa design is decorated with minimalist interior design. The room of this villa is decorated with a wooden cabinetry which is colored in brown. It is used to put some white accessories room. A black LED TV is put on the white wall.

The white villa interior design is also decorated with a white bed which is located at the edge of the room. This bed is put on the wooden floor installation. This bed is decorated with some pillows in white and grey. A wooden table and chair are also used in this room. It is put near the bed. The white bed which is put on the wooden floor is matching with the white room design. It also looks stylish and also elegant. This bed looks soft and also smooth.

The perforated wall design applied in this apartment makes the room become bright. This perforated wall design is decorated with lamps. On the other room, we can see the white room design. The walls of this room are colored in white. The white color is also attached on the ceiling. The design of the floor looks chic and also sleek. The glass door in large design is used in this room.

The chic interior design is also applied in the bathroom. We can see that the white interior design is also applied in this bathroom. The bathroom is also decorated with sleek cabinet. A unique wasteful is put on the cabinet. The large mirror is also used in this room which is put on the white wall. The villa interior design ideas which are decorated with the wooden floor installation in white interior look clean and also large.

Wall To Brighten Villa Living Room Interior

Room Furnished Near Sleek Wooden Cabinet Along With Sofa For Seating

Living Room Featured Near Studded TV Along With Inset Cabinetry

Display Inside Villa Bedroom Near Raised Sofa

Master Bedroom Illuminated Aside Table Lamp Along With Skylight Over Bed

Villa Near Room Seen From Narrowed Entryway

Simple Desk Inside Villa Near Bedroom Seen From Corridor

Entry Painted Inside Clear Near Glass Detail Studded On Center Wall

Improve Villa Near Living Room Interior Quality With Lights

Bathroom Furnished Near Floating Vanity Shelves Along With Backlid Mirror

Planters Along With Grey Patented Bench Completed Near Cushions

Chairs To Enhance Villa Courtyard Near Bench

Container Placed Near To Villa Near Outdoor Dining Space

Outdoor Dining Spand Over Ground Hot Tub


Photography by : Andreas Sellinidis