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Queenscliff Residence / Beautiful House with Unique Wooden Wall

Residence Building Featured Near Large Entryway Also Lalsoscape
For the first time you see this house with wood floor colors, you will certainly feel strange. The house was built right on top of a gorge and the sea is so beautiful with the walls made of wood so detailed. Located in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia, this house is dominated by rich wood for having a warm atmosphere. This...

CAN MANA / Contemporary House With Open Floor Plan

Home Among Wide Glass Walls Also Amazing Interior View On The Bottom from Flat Roof
This CAN MANA that located in Baleares, Spain, is an open floor plan house surrounded by fantastic outdoor view. Not only the fresh and lush green, you can also see the sparkling blue ocean in distant. Taking advantage of this incredible natural view, the designer of this CAN MANA, which is Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners, does not hesitate to incorporate this astonishing view to indoor space...

Casa Bilbaina / Luxurious Home With Unique Spiral Staircase

Glass Railing, White Wall Tiling Also Beautiful Outdoor Garden
Casa Bilbaina located in Bilbao, Spain. Designed by Foraster Arquitectos in 2013, this Casa Bilbaina offers a modern living space surrounded by lush and fresh green, including aromatic and veggie garden, which is incorporated perfectly and beautifully with the use of neutral colors as part of its home design. Employing the modern home design, you can see how the exterior showcases a simple architectural design,...


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