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CAN MANA / Contemporary House With Open Floor Plan

Home Among Wide Glass Walls Also Amazing Interior View On The Bottom from Flat Roof
This CAN MANA that located in Baleares, Spain, is an open floor plan house surrounded by fantastic outdoor view. Not only the fresh and lush green, you can also see the sparkling blue ocean in distant. Taking advantage of this incredible natural view, the designer of this CAN MANA, which is Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners, does not hesitate to incorporate this astonishing view to indoor space...

Screen House / Contemporary Residence With Wooden Shade

Pool Completed Among Surprising Caged Sitting Area With Wooden Panels
Screen House is a fresh and cool wooden shade built in Singapore. Not only surrounded by the fresh and lush green, this Screen House is also designed with cool garden concept that helps providing even more fresh air and atmosphere flowing throughout each space. Designed fantastically by K2LD Architects, Screen House is equipped with wooden elements as to emphasize the coziness and desired...


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