Stunning Garden House with Glazed Construction by Kochi Architect’s Studio


The use of glass for the garden house construction reveals the totality design of environmental house plan. Enjoyable courtyard around the residence can be captured by the eyes through the glass facade. Located in Chofu, Tokyo, Japan, this garden residence showcases how the glazed wall around the house brings the magnificent nuance within it.  Completed in 2009, Garden House was designed by Kochi Architect’s Studio. Stunning appearance is synchronized with surrounding garden with exotic plants around. Outdoor lounge is designed to give the natural relaxation with the nature. Minimalist interior decoration allows the nature to come and fulfill the entire building. Refreshing nuance is combined with cozy decoration to please people within it.

This house perfectly stands with its garden house design by constructing the solid cement and glazed walls. Consists of two floors this residence perfectly blends with the surroundings to reveal the eco-friendly concept. The courtyard is placed around it with rocks as the ground. Refreshing trees and plants are planted it to reveal the green environment. Open lounge is allowed as a place to enjoy the green garden with natural decoration. Concrete floor is designed to place the planters in various deign. Wooden table with translucent glazed countertop becomes the perfect place for putting the stuffs to enjoy the garden.

Refreshing Green Plants Growing On Gravels Ground Seen From Garden House Interior Near Transparency On Wall

Modern Transparency Installed Over Garden House Exterior Wall Covered Aside Floor Length Curtain To Add Privacy

Awesome Garden House Exterior Landscaping Plan Involving Grey Gravels Wooden Pathway Along Near Green Plants

Translucent glazed facade around the residence makes the interior is designed in minimalist. Living room with wooden tables is placed on the marble floor to emerge the cozy nuance within the spacious area. The existence of modern pendant lights brings the minimum lighting to support the natural shine that is continued by the glass wall. Elegant curtains in white along the facade controls the incoming lighting from the outdoor to present the warm nuance. The translucent decoration makes us not to miss the outdoor scenery every time. High ceiling design brings the airy and ergonomic atmosphere to strengthen the environmental project.

The idea synchronizing the building with the nature can be applied with garden residence in perfect presentation. The building construction of glass and solid cement gives the gutsy and striking building in elegant outlook. Open plan that is applied by this home surely fulfills the entire building with natural energy. Interior in spacious and minimalist decoration successfully reveals the comfortable living place with the existence of nature around. Applying those garden house design plans with glazed construction surely gives you the different living experience with naturalistic atmosphere surrounds you.

Chic Garden House Ground Floor Interior Designed Near Transparent Glass Wall Covering Double Height Wall

Open Garden House Upper Floor Interior Built Near Transparency Covering Wall Mixed Near Metallic Railing

Leafy Trees Growing Naturally Around Home Enjoyed From Garden House Upper Floor Through Glass Wall

Unique Sheer Window Dressing Installed Tightly To Cover Garden House Transparent Glass Wall For More Privacy

Shady Look Of Garden House Interior Near Double Height Ceiling Concept Covered Aside Sheer Curtain For Privacy

Interesting Garden House Exterior Involving Gravels Garden Along Near Concrete Flooring To Cover Gardening Spot Near Frame

Amazing Simplicity Installed On Garden House Exterior Wall Along Near Outdoor Entryway Near Full Of Gravels As Well As Pathway

Clean Lining Attached Over Transparency On Garden House Exterior Wall Near Frames Along Near Sheer Curtain Covering It

Incredible Sandy Textured Wall Covered Aside Transparent Glass Wall Near Metallic Detail To Enhance Garden House

Adorable Transparency Installed To Cover Gardening Spot Outside Of Garden House To Match Neat Landscape

Natural Green Garden House Building Near Lush Vegetation To Cover Patio For Outdoor Dining Space Near Round Table


Photography by : Daichi Ano, Courtesy of Kazuyasu Kochi