Sorrento | Modern Home Interior by CA Architecture


Getting bored with indoor look, Sorento may give you some ideas about modern home interior with metal chandelier. The project by CA Architecture has impressive effect through sophisticated home design. Surely, you must adore this house because it contains the unspeakable beauty of its appearance. From the front side, the white building looks graceful. It is like a bride dressing in white gown. The facade made of greeneries has bold the view. Right at the center serves the stairs with two sides for the entrance. This will be lovable place for home living.

Facade View from Sorrento by CA Architecture Applied Raised Entry Deccorated Among Outdoor Lamps Also Green Fence

Getting inside the house, the modern home interior design which uses metal chandelier lighting would comfort you very much. Since white theme fulfills the entire rooms, this creates peace and calm in your life. It is very enjoyable sitting at the living room accompanied by the fireplace. Intentionally, this room is not equipped by electronic devices like television set. This specially purposed to relax your mind, escape you from hustle and bustle because of the daily activities. You may feel how soft the sofa and the cushions with high quality fabric.

Looking for the details, the design accents the room using decorative accessories. Not always in stunning look, but they should be able to build the atmosphere inside. First thing, through open design house, the ceiling is beautified by three luxurious chandeliers. Each of them illuminate right above the living room, the dining table, as well as empty space at the center. Meanwhile, the table has flowers in the vase to complete the performance. On the other side, beautiful paintings and photographs hanged on the wall in the kitchen and living room very nice. To decorate the floor, there will be fine tapestry covering it.

Stone Fireplace At Traditional Living Room under Sorrento by CA Architecture Among Fabric Armchairs

Open Floor Living Space under Sorrento by CA Architecture Among Wooden Floor Decorated Classic Chandeliers
Open Floor Living Space under Sorrento by CA Architecture Among Wooden Floor Decorated Classic Chandeliers

Sorrento by CA Architecture- Dining Area

Kitchen Inside Sorrento by CA Architecture Among White Kitchen Cabinetry Also Island Near Glossy Wood Floor

Kitchen At Sorrento by CA Architecture Among White Cabinet Also Kitchen Island And Marble Countertop

The interior is just brilliant. Well finished wooden floors look glossy enlightened by the light. Also the rooms are shiny because they are painted in white. Not less important, marble countertops complement the kitchen island and the bathroom cupboard. In addition, excellent design with glass wall is clearly revealed on the bathroom. It is not that spacious but stretch along the length. The glass wall gets the outside view in. These modern home interior design ideas which apply large metal chandelier can be the best examples of creating impressive room.

Bathroom under Sorrento by CA Architecture Among White Porcelain Bath Tub Applied Claw Foot Tub Faucet

Sorrento by CA Architecture - Master Bathroom PowderRoom

Traditional Bathroom Inside Sorrento by CA Architecture Among Corner Bath Tub Near Blind Window


Photos courtesy of CA Architecture