Paling Fence House (2013) by NASA : Spot Light as Lighting System for Suburb House Design


For you who live in suburb area must be willing to construct a comfortable suburb house with spot light for your family. Unfortunately, some people feel stack to find a right design for their residence therefore it left to be an ordinary one. Do not be worry since Paling Fence House which has been designed by Nasa will give you a picture of how to create a house which is very safe, cozy and peaceful. Situated in Melbourne, one of sea town in Australia, the house is designed as simple as possible yet still eye catching.

©Nils_Koenning - Grey Floor Made From Concrete Material Also Clear Wall Made From Wooden Material

While we take a look at the exterior design of this suburb house plans which decorated with spot light for home, we can feel the warm atmosphere and shady impression at the same time caused by the combination of briquette wall and big plantation surrounding the house. A spacious hall in front of the house can be the playground for you and your kids, even for bicycling. The natural stone floor application appears the impression of clean so you will not hesitate to spend your free time there without getting dirty.

An open entrance way is attached to this house which utilized wood floor, wall and ceiling. It creates the nuance of classic modern while combining with the white concrete exterior wall. A unique design is applies on the pool by using wooden square pool. This space is very suitable for the habitants while they want to get a relaxation through swimming and sun bathing.

Light Brown Wall Made Fro Wooden Also Thin Tall Window Made From Glass Panel

Soft Brown Wooden Floor Also Little Pool Which Has Comfy Blue Colored Water

Step into the house, you can find a modern interior design. It appears from the furniture application which blends perfectly with its entire decoration. Several of stylish pedestrian lights are displayed in some parts of the room, such as dining room, family room and even in the kitchen area. There is also a hidden book shelf behind the green kitchen wall which gives the efficiency of house space. Do not forget to consider the small open space beside the family room which can be used for your pets playing area. This suburb house design which has lighting system with spot light bulbs is beautified by some character painting displayed in bedroom and kitchen wall so it looks very artistic.

White Comfy Sofa Green Pillow Also Comfy Brown Floor Made From Wooden Veneer

Black Chairs Also Dark Brown Dining Table Made From Wooden Material

Light Brown Wooden Floor Also Glass Folding Doors Which Has Black Wooden Frames

Brown Chair Also Clear Bookshelf Made From Wooden Material

Cream Pillows Also Comfy Brown Desk Made From Wooden Material

Soft Brown Floor Also Wall Which Are Made From Wooden Material

Green Wall Black Colored Kitchen Islalso Shaped Cubic Also Has Silver Stainless Faucet

Several Black Colored Wooden Cabinets Also Green Folding Cupboard Door Made From Wooden Material

Black Wooden Kitchen Islalso Also Black Wooden Kitchen Vanity

photographs: Nils Koenning