Wellness Villa by Eric Kant Contemporary Design / Minimalist Modern Villa for Comfortable Holiday Destination


Located in the Netherlands, Wellness Villa was designed by Eric Kant Contemporary Design. This modern villa looks so marvelous both of exterior and interior design. This place is suitable for holiday destination, especially for summer holiday. The stunning interior design brings refresh atmosphere for you. This place is good relaxation place for you and your whole family. Do you want to know more about this villa? Read this whole article for more reviews.

This villa has wooden verandah which can be a good place to sunbathe in the morning and enjoy the tea time in the afternoon. It has two modern beach chairs which ready to accompany your leisure time. In the other verandah you can see outdoor living space. It has bright brown rattan chairs which are blend with rattan sofa and rattan coffee table. Look how cozy this living space. This is the best spot to enjoy coffee time in the morning. This is the best modern villa architecture for you and your family.

Lux Vacantie Village - Outdor Sitting Area with Wooden Flooring

Incredible Sea View Enjoyed From Lux Vacantie Village House Exterior Dining Space Near Wooden Chairs Along Near Table

Relaxing Lux Vacantie Village House Deck Plan Maximized Near Lounges Along Near Wooden Bench For Sitting As Well As Sun Bathing

Large Wellness Villa Hardscape Plan Furnished Near Outdoor Seating Furniture Placed Under Glass Balcony

The interior design of this residence also looks amazing. It has two ivory couches which are blend with two red armchairs. Glass coffee table is situated in the middle of the room. It looks so stunning for the interior architecture. You can find chic modern floor lamp in the side of the couch. The couch also faces to the LCD TV which is stick on the white wall. Above the LCD TV is available modern fireplace that looks so awesome. Imagine how warm and cozy this place to gather with your whole family.

In the next room you can discover awesome dining space which is set in the same room with kitchen area. The dining space has wooden maple table which are surrounded with smooth white chairs. It also looks fantastic with silver pendant lights which are hung above the dining table. Behind the dining table you can see long cabinet which stick on the wall. This cabinet has a function as the kitchen cabinet. What an awesome design isn’t it? So, do you like this modern villa architecture plan for your next destination?

Comfortable Wellness Villa Living Room Near Red Along Near Cream Colored Sofa As Well As Chairs Near Glass Table

Chic Clear Painted Wellness Villa Living Room Connected Near Workspace Furnished Near Inset Desk

Colorful Cow Miniatures Displayed On Over Mantel Of Fireplace To Warm Up Wellness Villa Interior

Minimalist Wellness Villa Fireplace Manufactured Near Stainless Steel Base Counter Near Glass Backsplash

Awesome Wellness Villa Dining Room Interior Designed Near Cool Pendants Installed Over Flower Centerpiece

Stylish Neutral Themed Wellness Villa Kitchen Along Near Dining Room Decorated Near Colorful Animal Miniatures

Patriotic Wellness Villa Teen Boy Bedroom Plan Involving American Flag Themed Bedding Near Red Lamp

Small Wellness Villa Master Bathroom Interior Featured Near Sliding Glass Door Covered Aside Blind

Tiny Wellness Villa Powder Room Interior Involving Double Vanities Completed Near Frameless MirrorTiny Wellness Villa Powder Room Interior Involving Double Vanities Completed Near Frameless Mirror

Modern Wellness Villa Powder Room Integrating Cool Under Mount Sink Near Elbow Faucet Along Near Tap

Stunning Blue Mosaic Tiled Background Wall Of Wellness Villa Indoor Swimming Pool Near Wall Lamps

Airy Wellness Villa Indoor Swimming Pool Space Surrounded Aside Deck Flooring Along Near Transparency On Wall

Eye Catching Wellness Villa Indoor Swimming Pool Featured Near Open Shower Space Near Dark Background

Luxurious Wellness Villa Indoor Inground Swimming Pool Dominated Aside Mosaic Tiles To Hit Deck Floor

Amazing Glass Balustrade Installed Surrounding Wellness Villa Rooftop Balcony Near Deck Flooring

Romantic Sunset View Enjoyed From Wellness Villa Rooftop Deck Near Glass Balustrade Installed As Protection

Spacious Wellness Villa Rooftop Deck Surrounded Aside Transparent Glass Balustrade Overlooking Water


Photos courtesy of Centric Design Group

Via : homedesignator.com