JD House : Log House Design with Natural and Fresh View


It is special log house design because this home is not only giving wooden materials but this house gives natural and fresh view also. Well, this house is built in the middle of the trees, so the people can enjoy the fresh air in their life. It is very important for the health. We choose this house as best wooden home because the perfect performance of this home. Anyway, this is the contemporary wooden JD House created by María Victoria Besonias in Mar Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

JD House Exterior View Among Floating Frame To Enjoy Natural Outdoor View Also Leafy Trees To Keep House Shady

See, the JD House through these pictures here. The house is designed in the middle of big and tall trees. The home is designed with wooden flooring in the terrace and oak ceiling. Anyway, this house is design with flat roof. Then, there are some glass windows and glass door in this home. It is the best home concept to enjoy the natural and fresh view from the inside home. And, it is best choice for adding log house design plans reference.

JD House created by María Victoria Besonias (4)

Then, let’s see inside the house. It is the bathroom. The bathroom is designed in simple concept. There white bathtub lays in this room. Above the bathtub is the glass window with black window frame. Next to the bathtub is the shelf. There are sink, faucet and bathing tools are putted on that shelf. Above the shelf is the big mirror. There are some lamps in the mirror edge. Those lamps give brighter effect to the bathroom.

See the living room then. The black sofa corner stands in this room. Actually, this room is created in the corner of the house which is designed with the glass windows around it. See, in the middle of the room is the black fireplace. So, you can stay warm in this room. Then, you can have a seat on the wooden trunk chair. Well, from this page you can add custom log home design plans reference.

JD House Bathroom Interior Among Framless Mirror Lighting Also Cool Floating Vanity With White Bathtub

JD House created by María Victoria Besonias - Living Room Interior

JD House created by María Victoria Besonias - Living Room

JD House Living Room Interior Among L Letter Sectional Sofa Design Also Patented Colorful Coffee Table And Fireplace

JD House Living Space Area Among Romantic Neutral Scheme Illuminated By Golden Lighting Also Natural Outdoor View From Ventilation

JD House created by María Victoria Besonias

JD House Living Space Dominated By Timber Also Natural Elements To Keep Room Spacius And Airy

JD House Interior Among Bench Also Luxurious Pendants To Illuminate Minimalist Staircase Area With Cool Ventilatio Near Wall

JD House Interior Also Exterior Transition Among Growing Tree Near Center Part from Deck Flooring

Open JD House Bedroom Interior Decor Among Floor To Ceiling Exterior Door Also Open Backsplash Behind Bed

JD House Building Design Among Floating Base Concept Also Open Floor Plan Displayed By Transparent Glass Near Wall

View from JD House Design Built Near Natural Groud Among Rough Elevation Surrounded By Lush Vegetation

JD House Exterior Design

Floating Flooring Among Cool Log Pillars To Sustain Whole Wooden Shape Over JD House Exterior

JD House by María Victoria Besonias

JD House created by María Victoria Besonias


Photography by : Gustavo Sosa Pinilla