Kempson Road | Townhouse Architecture by Giles Pike Architects


Some people may need some restoration and a outdoor staircase design, then they apply them in their townhouse deign idea style. Here, we get one of the ways by doing no restoration at all of the building. It is because everybody will need some historical nuance of the house. located in London, England, we present the Kempson Road that was extended with modern glass building. Originally built in 1870, this house is an extension project carried out by Giles Pike Architects. That modern extension is situated in two-story building. It will be so different with the first building architecture that is in brick wall style.

The views of the townhouse come right here of townhouse design ideas floor plan and stiles. The first starts with the glass extension that will open and make the room transparent. The restoration has been finished in a few years ago that becomes contemporary alluring style. This is located in front side of the building to be the facades design. They add simple outdoor staircase design to reach the second floor. They also add wonderful chandelier ideas that make the rooms really shining. The first hoe design itself was designed based on unfurnished brick wall design in every side. It looks classic.

It needs to get the interior appearance of the house. The interior is designed in modern style by applying open plan view. There is a set of grey Barcelona chairs with colorful cushions. To complete the style, there is a simple acrylic table design. This is located in higher floor design. In lower place, it is utilized as the kitchen and dining room ideas. It is also situated in open plan area. They add light grey dining table with white porcelain chairs. Beautiful artificial flowers become one of the great ornaments. The kitchen furniture applied is the white cabinet with grey countertop design. They become sophisticated to be the room interior decoration.

This house is an old house that is renovated by adding modern glass extension. The result of the modern townhouse designs and floor plans with the outdoor staircase design will inspire us at all.

Bright Lightings Over Wide Glass Bay Windows On Frontside Wall Decoration

Combination Of Wide Glass Bay Window Also Outdoor Staircase At Sideyard

Combination Of Black Color Along With Clear Painting Also Bay Window On Front Wall Decor

Combination Of Unpainted Brickwall Added Near Glass Windows On Wall Decoration

Twin Purple Lounger Added Near Vase Of Flower On Glass Table On Floor

Twin Purple Lounger Added Near Colorful Couches Also Glass Table On Floor

Vase Of Flower On Glossy Grey Countertop Of Kitchen Bar On Wooden Floor

Black Sofas Added Near Colorful Single Lounger On Wooden Board Flooring

Living Room with Black Sofa Added Near Glass Table On Foor

Mirror On Wooden Dresser Added Near Glass Windows On Wall Decoration

Oval Bathtub Added Near Metallic Water Faucet On Floor Near Bay Window

Vase Of Flower On Kitchen Table Under Exclusive Pendant Lamp On Ceiling

Grey Countertop Of Kitchen Table Added Near A Clock On Wall Decor

Glossy Mozaic Glass On Wall Near All Clear Color On Wall Painting Theme

Human Head Ornament On Clear Wall Background Added Near Small Space

Wall Decoration Near Purple Color Background Theme


Photography by: Logan MacDougall Pope