House in Mexico Reflected in Contemporary Volumetric Building


In this article, we will provide a new idea of how to get the volumetric house in Mexico. This kind of house is a contemporary home design that features stunning building style. precisely, we will find out this house in Puebla, Mexico and it will be popular with the name of House Lev. Metarquitectura has designed this house as the enchanting living space that is highly performed to get enjoyable style.

Captivating Lev House As A Contemporary Home Applying Catilevered Part Of Building Near Some Wooden Along With Glass Paneling Applied

Get the pictures of the house right here. Now, we can find out several pictures of the homes in Mexico City that will lead to be inspiring house style. The style can be seen in the two-story house style with high ceiling style. The building applies glass facades designs that will also us to enjoy outdoor appearance. Besides, the generous skylight will also penetrate easily. The light styles of this house makes the house looks stunning with tat ceiling and wall lights. The backside of this house is situated in wooden wall panels with some part of terrace. As we know, as the shape of the building, it is conceptualized with the volume building style.

Good Street View Lev House Applying Contemporary Design Adopting Wooden Exterior Paneling Which Is Nice Near Some Fresh Plants Included

The other styles of the house can be well followed right here. Here is the facades designs and front porch style for the house at day. The second building design is conceptualized in cantilever building style with small terrace. We will also find the vast lawn for the front porch area. The situation of this house is so natural with that lush vegetation surrounding. As seen in interior appearance, this building reflects stunning interior application. As we see in dining room area, it applies a set of gorgeous table and futuristic chairs designs. The other rooms also apply the modern furniture that features contemporary style.

Alluring Dining Spot Applying Bright Interior Near Fabulous Glass Countertop Of A Dining Table Surrounded Aside Dining Chairs With Tall Backs

Brilliant Interior Finishings Displaying Different Paneling Mixed Involving Original Polished Wooden Paneling Along With Clear Painted Wooden Paneling

Well, we will also find out the way they create the nuance of the interior appearance. Besides, the furniture and decorations applied will also be the best style to seek for. Now, get the more review of the vacation homes in Mexico City that will be offered.

Exquisite View Of Some Wonderful Garden From An Space As Part Of A Residence Near Alluring Outdoor Space Design Involving Concrete Constructions With A Kind Of Dinosaur Statue

Architectural Along With Lovely Terrace Near A Comfy Outdoor Bed On An Appealing Grey Patio Near Some Wooden Paneling

House Lev - Reflected in Contemporary Volumetric Building

photographs: Patrick López Jaime