House and Artist’s Studio in Rustic House Design in Wyoming


How do you like to design and stylize rustic house design in surrounding of the spectacular views? It is needed to make rustic style to obtain more attractive and balanced style with nature. As here we will get look at the House and Artist’s Studio that was envisioned by house and artist’s studio Carney Logan Burke Architects. The house is well known as the Butte Residence that is located in Jackson, Wyoming, USA.

In relation with the design, here are some photos following the details. The location of this Butte residence that has rustic house design ideas is surrounded by nature included wonderful views of National Parks and Teton Mountain Range. This house is built dominantly using wooden materials included stripes horizontal wall, ceiling, and some furniture. The model of this house is like volume house in L shaped style and in one side of this house is stylized as sideway in opened space. This house also has yard in green style included some grass and trees surrounding. It also has opened balcony in strong brick piles and acrylic fences in which there are also some wooden lounge sofas and flower and plants applied. When it is snowy, the looks will be so beautiful in white clear.

Garden Beside Carney Logan Burke Among Plank Wall Also Large Glass Window under That Allow You Enjoy Scenery From Indoor

Modern Deck Design At Carney Logan House Backyard Decor Among Wooden Outdoor Sitting Also Dining Furniture

Architecture Idea from Carney Logan Residence Near Mountain Showing Mix Architecture Also Structure Between Earthy Tones

We cannot consider that the interior house design is designed in elegant style to make the nuance more charming. The flooring uses plywood floor and some elegant decoration such as classic wall painting on the wood wall and also chic long crystal chandelier. From the living room, we will see wonderful outside views through glass window and wood frames. The living room itself is decorated using brown sofas included various pillows and a modern fireplace is designed in black closed door style with brick piles frame. There is a high bench behind the sofa with wooden and fabric lampshade for the table lamp. In an entertaining room, we will find a set of piano equipment and round leather sofa. There is also pop of hues wall tiles as additional decoration.

The style of this house is the combination of modern and rustic ways. The rustic house design styling ideas makes the ambiance of the house charming enough in some luxurious styles.

Worm Pendant Lamp Above Staircase At Carney Logan House Hallway Among An Abstract Wall Painting Near Wall

Hallway Decor Among Wooden Staircase Also Metal Balustrade And Unique Worm Pendant Aslo Abstract Painting At Carney Logan House

Living Room Design Among View At Carney Logan House With Modern Fireplace Ideas Also Artistic Wall Paint Above It

Home Office Decor At Carney Logan House Separated By Hallway Also Transparnet Wall Use Wooden Floor

Window At Entry Showing White Outdoor Among Greenery At Carney Logan House With Darkwood Bench

Decoration Living Space under Carney Logan House Among Artistic Furniture Also Accesories View From Hallaway

Brown Sleeper Sofa Nearby Window Also Fireplace At Corner Completed Carney Logan House Bedroom

Elegant Classic Piano At Corner from Living Room Among Leather Ottoman under Carney Logan Burke Modern Residence

Home Office Decor Idea At Carney Logan House Among Leather Arcmchairs Also Foot Rest And Window Seat

Home Office Design At Carney Logan House Among Huge Window Showing Beautiful Outside View Mounted Wall Storage

Open Space Home Office At Carney Logan House Among Mudroom Decorated With Indusrial Style Rail Ceiling Lamps

Studio Also Art Room At Carney Logan House Among Industrial Rail Ceiling Lamp Design And A Wooden Canvas Stool

Modern Mountain House Bedroom Among Fireplace Also Sitting Area Nearby Window And With Large Painting Carney Logan House

Wall Art Made From Wood At Hallway Inside Carney Logan Burke Modern Residence Connected To Kitchen

Dining Room Decor At Carney Logan House Among Solid Wood Table Also Upholstered Chairs Below Twin Modern Chandelier

Contemporary Bathroom Design Among Wooden Floating Vanity Ideas At Carney Logan House A Bath Tub Nearby Window

Raised Deck Design At Carney Logan House Among Glass Fence Also Stairs Offers Amazing Greenery And Valley View

Modern Design from Carney Logan Burke Residence Among Tile Pathway Between White Snowy Environment At Winter

Modern Also Small Detached House At Mounted Surrounded By White Snow Carney Logan Burke Modern Residence Exterior

Mountain House View From Distance At Winter Night Among Pines Also White Snow Surrounded Carney Logan House