Fantastic Bathroom Decorations (2013) by Minosa Design & Royston Wilson Design


If you need a different atmosphere for your bathroom which accentuate by the artistic bathroom decorations, you can apply the same decorating idea such as mirror panels which is presented by Minosa Design and Royston Wilson Design. This bathroom is intentionally designed for person who loves the dynamism and modernism of living style. The decoration appears the nuance of trendy and chic yet still maintaining the elegant side.

Black Marble Floor Also Bright Red Lighting Below Washtafel

A fantastic mosaic design of mirror panels for wall which pictures a character makes the bathroom design is unique. The arrangement of this mosaic is side by side with the sink with white marble countertop. The glass window beside this area illuminates the entire bathroom. A vanity wall shelf is hidden beside the sink which can be functioned as makeup and bathing tools, such as soap, tooth brushes, storing place. The bathroom decorations ideas looks very eye catching by combining the black and white elements applied on the marble floor, wooden door and ceiling. This impression is accentuated by the glass separator which divides the bathtub area with the sink corner.

While enjoying your soaking in the bathtub, you can enjoy the scenery outside since there is installed a large glass window. Do not get afraid to be looked by the outsider since the courtyard will cover you. This window type allows you to get the natural sunlight directly so you do not have to waste the lamp energy.

To beautify the bathroom decoration, there is displayed a fresh floral embellishment so the interior design get a little bit feminine touch. If you want to hang your towel, there is a stylish metal bath towel hook near the bathtub. The dramatic look of this bathroom theme ideas with antique mirror panels is appears from the light installation in some parts of the bathroom, while a pendant light is displayed above the bathtub to give you an enough illumination in the evening.

Black Marble Floor Also Dim Purple Lighting Below Washtafel

Black Marble Wall Also Bright Purple Lighting Below Washtafel

Black Marble Wall Also Clear Washtafel Made From Ceramic

Dim Purple Lighting Also Clear Bathtub Made From Ceramic

Silver Stainless Faucet Also Bright Lighting From Corner Ceiling Lamp

Silver Stainless Faucet Also Reflective Mirror Panel Inside Wall

Silver Stainless Towel Racks Also Clear Ceramic Washtafel

Square Shaped Mirror Panel Near Bright Lighting From Side

White Ceramci Washtafel Also Artistic Wall Which Is Shaped Man

White Ceramic Bathtub Also Ball Shaped Lamp Hanged Inside Ceiling

White Ceramic Closet Also Black Wall Which Is Made From Marble Blocks

White Ceramic Washtafel Also Several Silver Stainless Towel Racks