Elegant Traditional House Modified in White Color Theme


White Color theme can be applied well to design house living so it will be able to look elegant in its appearance such model and design of elegant traditional house that is reflected well in Circa 1700 developed well by Blansfield Builders. Related to this design, fresh house living concept is applied perfectly decorating house living. Traditional house architecture model looks more beautiful to be combined with natural green decoration of environment surrounding house.

Green area surrounding house becomes additional value that will make house living condition to be more comfortable. Green exterior theme will look so suitable to be combined with white exterior wall theme that is applied perfectly decorating wooden exterior wall. Classic house style also becomes special feature that is had by traditional house that has elegant appearance. In addition, elegant traditional furniture is also used well to design house interior so it will look more interesting.

Lawn Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders from Yard Showing Green Exterior Area under That Gave Fresh Atmosphere under There

Glass Windows under Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders under That White Wall Themed Make Vute Building Decor

Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders Facade View Showing Glass Windows Also White Wall Framed Adedd Nice Building Decor

Interior Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders Among Cream Wooden Floor Applied Also Glass Wall Showing Exterior Area

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Marble material design is applied perfectly decorating kitchen island design. Actually it will create elegant island model that looks so stunning to be applied in a modern kitchen style of traditional house. Stylish marble motif with bright marble appearance also becomes positive value of house decoration that is applied in this project. Stylish marble motif with elegant feature actually becomes perfect interior decoration of modern house that is modified beautifully.

Stainless refrigerator is also used well decorating modern kitchen perfectly. Actually it can make kitchen space becomes more elegant. Classy look is also presented by this decoration choice. Luxurious refrigerator appearance is so suitable to be combined with kitchen cabinet that is also modified in a bright feature by using white Color design. Besides, stylish wooden floor is also used well to design interior in this project. Actually it will create elegant interior impression of house living applying concept of elegant traditional couch perfectly.

Kitchen Room under Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders Among Marble Countertop On The Bottom from Chandelier Also Glossy Freezer Beside Chimney

Wooden Floor Design under Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders under That White Wall Themed Added Pretty Buildign Decor

Living Room Among Cream Pillows Facing Woodne Table Feat Flower At Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders

Living Sofa Among Planter Nd Chair Beside Fire Place On The Bottom from Wall Lamps Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders Decor

Bedroom Among White Pillows Feat Cream Headboard On The Bottom from Fan At Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders

Countertop Feat Sinks On The Bottom from Mirro Also Wall Lamps Gave Bright Circa 1700 Blansfield Builders Interior Design