Choosing Cover for Your Windows and Sliding Glass Doors


Vertical blinds are okay, but don’t you think that is a bit too old fashioned? While help keeping the inside shaded from the direct sunlight covers are privacy protector as well as part of the home and interior designFind some cover ideas for windows and sliding glass doors that best suit your style and preference, here.

Window Treatments for Patio and Sliding-Glass Doors

Vertical cellular 

Cellular shades especially the vertical one offer unique design as well as high energy efficiency making it perfect for windows and sliding glass doors. This can work well for those who live in a place with a very hot or cold climate. The high variety of fabrics makes cellular shades can work with many styles of room decor. This type of shade also gives you more flexibility in controlling how much natural light you need in the room.

Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding-Glass Doors

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are among the most common to be installed in windows and sliding glass doors. Though they can be found in many places, they offer some benefits that make people love to have them as their window treatments. Various fabrics and styles are some of the reasons why. With the minimum of stackback, vertical blinds allow you to have the maximum view. Apart from its function as shade, it can also be used as a divider between rooms.

Vertical blinds
Luxaflex vertical blinds in living room with leather-armchairs and tal sofa

Vertical Sheers

If you looking for draperies but also want the functionality of blinds, vertical sheers are the perfect one for you. It is like the fusion of both decoration and fully functioned blinds. The sheers will defuse the natural light allowing you to still be able to enjoy light more softly. This will also create the nuance of the room. Available in various colors as well as textures and patterns, you will have plenty of choices depending on what decor style you implement.

Wood shades

Looking for something with a natural vibe? Shades made of woven woods, reeds, bamboo, and grasses are becoming more popular now. It is ecofriendly and directly delivers natural nuance to the room. Wood shades are available in vertical and horizontal types, so you are free to choose. They offer great durability against many kinds of weather conditions. Being versatile, wood shades can work in any type of decor without looking out of place.


Shutters are chosen by many people because of their durability and high energy efficiency. It has that classic feeling that will never out of date. Being permanent fixtures shutters can add value to the home.