What You Need to Know about Basement Framing


The basement framing is such the essential yet good thing to consider regarding to expand the living space of your home. For sure, any homeowners want to enjoy the comfort of the home completely and of course there are so many people who are interested in having a bunch of simplicity on dealing with that. That is including for you who are in need of expanding the living space to the basement. You need to deal with the condition of the basement including dealing with the finishing of the basement. Sure, dealing with the wall and also ceiling is essential, as like the framing of the basement wall. Of course, you need to deal with the design as well. It becomes the common thing which people often think when they want to deal with the living space expansion to the area of basement. However, besides dealing with the look and design of the basement interior, the finishing project of the basement is also really that important to do first. That is including about the framing of the basement. It is good to do the best as well for the framing.

Steps for the Basement Framing

When you are planning to deal with the basement framing and also finishing, it is better for you to know about the steps so that you will be able planning everything properly. Here are some major processes and also steps which you need to deal with. The first step you need to deal with is about making and installing the sections entirely first. Then, the next thing to do is cutting and also fixing the entire pieces of the woods. The third one is fitting and joining all the boards. You also can install sections one. Then, you can simply raise all the boards together for getting the neat from the floor to ceiling.

Basement Framing Tips

Besides knowing about the steps on framing your basement wall, there are also some essential tips which you can deal with. The tips will help you getting the best and quality result of the basement for the comfort as well. One of the tips is preparing the wall properly before doing the framing process. You have to make sure that the wall, especially its exterior does not have any high level of moisture. When you find the excessive moisture there, you need to fix the problem first before. The waterproofing might be a good thing to apply as well for dealing with the moisture of the basement. Another tip is about choosing the lumber. You can choose the boars which are completely straight. The warped ones will result the unstable condition of the wall. Those are the essential key for the basement framing.

Simple Framing Basement Walls
Simple Framing Basement Walls. Image Source : basement.aitherslight.com
Amazing Framing Basement Walls
Amazing Framing Basement Walls. Image Source : basement.aitherslight.com
Framing Basement Walls
Framing Basement Walls. Image Source : basement.aitherslight.com
Framing Basement
Framing Basement. Image Source : basement.aitherslight.com