Abu Samra House by Symbiosis Designs LTD


Symbiosis Designs LTD amazingly created a minimalist house with front yard ideas which is colored the entire exterior in pale tones. The simple color looks very voids and simple even the house has no garden or plant area to grown the green aura. Because it was too plain and simple, this house maximizes the shape so it looks very modern and advanced. Because of this sophisticated look this home exposes the shortcomings and loneliness that occurs from exterior staining.

The stark and puzzled looked building which has front yard landscaping ideas is located in Jordan shows more hilarity effect to masking the simple mantel color. Some cactus plants are planted on the outside parts of the house and it makes more sharp looks for the building. This home is actually simple in form, only brings slightly modified so that it looks like a complicated puzzle. Box and box are stacked in different sizes and juxtaposed so look like rigid beams. Light grey concrete courtyard shows more powerful and coarse style on it. Some glass windows are applied to make the blocked room lighter and fresh. It is believe that this minimalist house design s owned strong protection.

Interiors Among Cactus Planters Also Stones

Tupe Color from Wall Homes under That Glass Windows Finished Decor

Taupe Color under That Glass Windows Completed Thes under Building

Taupe Color under That Glass Windows Completed Thes under Building

Taupe Color Feat Glass Window under That Planters Giving Fresh Area

When the night comes, the interior parts give much contribution to make the house glow and shine. It uses many golden lamps to exposes the indoor beauty and the light color inside are reflects the lamps. Since this Abu Samra House uses the glass walls the rooms are fully exposed to the outside and the grand light yellow inside are exuding the other aura for this void house. The squared swimming pool in the backside looks so fresh and clean. It is outdoor space so the free views above and around gives additional facilities while swimming. Modernity is filling in this house in all of the exterior and interior side.

Stylish and stark building sometimes shows loneliness and emptiness look especially for the exterior. To make it enliven and joyful it is need to apply other colorful and various decoration. As it seen on the minimalist house design inspiration of front yard garden ideas that shows modernity for all sides.

Pool Among Bling Water under Home under That Lamps Giving Bright Area

Area under Home under That Glass Wall Give More Stylish from Interior

Glass Wall under Home Showing Livign Room Also Exteriors

Floor Feat Chair Feat Sculpture Beside Glass Wall under Home Decor

Chairs under White Color Also Wide Mirror Giving Nice Decor At Home

Lounges Feat Table Also At Home under That Black Wall Add Nice Area

Home under Grey Also Steel Color under That White Wall Giving Bright Area

Room Among White Chairs Also Glass Table Beside Entrance under Home Decor

Floor Among Planter under Homes under That Taupe Color from Walls


Photography by: Arnaldo Genitrini, Osman Akuz, Ghassan Aqel