5 Great Small Bath Remodel Ideas


Are you stuck with your small bathroom? Don’t worry you don’t have to tear it apart and then build it up again to have a larger bathroom. Besides, choosing the best home and interior design is not an easy feat. Therefore, the best solution for you is to remodel your small bathroom. If you don’t know how, below are 5 great small bath remodel ideas that you can use as references.

Curve corners 

When you have a small bathroom, but you desperately want to gain some of the space in your bathroom, you can make it happen by creating curved corners. You can opt to make the edge of your vanity soft and rounded. By doing so, not only will you gain back the space that you need, but you are also less likely to bang your toes on its edge when you are in a hurry. See? It is a win-win solution for you. To make your small bathroom more lively you can choose to have full of fun patterns and mischievous motifs.

curve corners small bathroom ideas
curve corners small bathroom ideas 2

Extend sink surfaces

You can also make your small bathroom feel more spacious by extending your sink surfaces. You can choose a long vanity design rather than the double sink vanity. The sink and the countertop are all in one piece and commonly it will be long enough that two people can get ready at the same time. You can also hang your towel on this kind of sink, you will get plenty of space to hang your towel here.

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Choose glass shower door 

The next small bath remodel ideas that you can use as reference is by choosing a glass shower door. To make your bathroom feel more spacious you can opt to choose a glass shower door instead of foggy glass door or even curtain. You can complete the look of this small bathroom with white squares graphic tiles, but if you want to make it more lively you can add colour on the upper half of the walls and ceilings.

Compact Transitional Bathroom

Keep things bright 

You can make your small bathroom feel bigger and brighter with white colour scheme. It won’t feel boring, if you know how to style it. For the start you can add some interesting materials to your bathroom such as natural stone countertop as well as its corresponding trims, cabinets from light wood material, and last but not least graphic floor tiles.

Small and Functional bathroom

Hide your storage 

Another small bath remodel ideas that you can use as reference is by hiding your storage. To start your remodel project you can hang a mirror at an angle above your corner sink. This method can help you to optimize every inch of your small space. After that, you can hang a fabric skirt to your sink, so you can store many of your clutters behind it. To make your small bathroom livelier and less suffocating  you can add a round accent table, so you can put a pot of flower, candle or even magazine there.

Comfy storage unit hidden in the large cabinet by the sink is a very functional idea to rock
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