Zhukovka XXI Residence / Posh Private Home With Modern Furniture


Contemporary luxurious concept in modern furniture is shown by the design of this Zhukovka XXI Residence located in Moscow, Russia. This opulent home is designed by UNK Project in 2011. Using modernistic concept, this house looks alluring and sophisticated. Its beauty can be seen from the details of the modernistic design. Meanwhile, the sophisticated can be seen from the arrangement concept. Glass and concrete are employed as the exterior structure. White color looks great with the glass elements. Both of them give the clean and sleek look.

Deck Matched Among High Wall With Glass Windows Surounded With Green Lawn

Preserving the nature sense is clearly shown by this contemporary furniture. When the tree is located right in the middle of the building, it is not cut during the development of this house. Therefore, this house has a circular shape on the ceiling allowing the tree continues to grow. White natural elements are applied in the other side of the house as the exterior wall. The exterior lighting is set in the recessed style. It is located in the lower part of the house building.

Grey Wall Also Glass Windows Among Curtain Completed With Invited Native Green

Grey Wall Also Glass Windows

Ultramodern look is displayed by the living room layout. It looks stylish with the wooden flooring and the contemporary furniture. This color contrast gives the ultimate modern look in this living area. The living room table is in artistic design. Its black color gives the beautiful contrast in this living room interior color theme. The shelves are designed in sleek look, too. They display the decorative items in this living room.

Formal style is used as the arrangement concept of this dining room interior. The large table is surrounded by the contemporary chairs in neutral color. The soft color makes this interior looks smooth and cozy. Glass divider wall presents the sleek look in this modern interior. Artistic interior lighting gives the aesthetical value in this interior space. Modern furniture ideas are perfectly expressed through the design ideas of this contemporary home.

Height Ceiling Completed Among White Sectional Sofa Also Wall Mount TV

White Sofa, Low Black Coffee Table Also Lazy Chairs Next To Fireplace

Rectangular Table, Sleek Grey Chairs Also Stylish Chandeliers Above

Cupboard Also Island Among Hub Completed With Modern Ceiling Lamps

Grey Shelving Units To Display Artworks Also Decorative Accessories

Desk, Elegant Grey Chair, Modern Shelving Unit Also Unique Pendant Lamp

To Display Decorative Items Completed Among Floral Photos Near Wall

Door, Stained Floor, White Wall Also Connected To Wooden Indoor Stair

Rectangular Tub Also Floating Vanity Among Rectangular Sinks And Frameless Mirror Above

Wooden Headboard Also Side Tables Compleed Among Stylish Recessed Lamps

Touch Home Exterior Decor Among Custom Concrete Ceiling With Round Hole

Zhukovka XXI Residence by UNK PROJECT Architects

Lighting Near Bottom Line Combined Among Neat Lawn Also Refreshing Vegetation

Rectangular Glass Windows Combined Among Stone With Decorative Lamps

Zhukovka XXI Residence by UNK PROJECT Architects - Exterior Design


Photography by: Yuri Palmin