Wheeler Residence : Adorable Elegant House for the Best Future House


You should see this elegant house reviews for your future house references! Designed by William Duff Architects and located in Menlo Park, California, this residence has elegant style that can bring pleasure feeling for you. Not only cozy as a living place, but this place also can reflect your outstanding taste. Do you want to know more about this residence? Read this whole article to see the complete reviews.

This residence is suitable for you who need large space to life. This house is also fit for your whole family. It has large backyard which can be the best place to have private picnic on weekend. Not only that, but in the backyard is also added with private swimming pool for your leisure time. You can hold barbeque party in the side of the pool. Imagine how amazing your party time in your own backyard! The exterior of these elegant house plans is dominated with wooden material. It also has yellow light that strengthen the aesthetic value of this house at night.

Spacious Wheeler Residence Front Yard Landscaping Plan Featured Near Double Garages Cool Entrance Along Near Carport

Bright Wheeler Residence Semi Outdoor Seating Space Furnished Near Light Grey Sofa Set Covered Aside Folding Door

Amazing Rectangular Wheeler Residence Outdoor Swimming Pool Designed Near No Liner Enhanced Near Lounge

Large Wheeler Residence Backyard Space Featured Near Green Manicured Lawn Concrete Lounge Along Near Swimming Pool

Natural Wheeler Residence Yard Landscaping Plan Involving Green Manicured Mount Leafy Trees Rocks Along Near Pool

The interior of this house is also dominated with wooden material. It has glass folding doors which have wooden frame. You can discover stunning living room in the corner of the room. It has ivory carpet which is covered the black floor. Above it is set black comfortable couch which is combine with black coffee table. The couch faces to the big wooden cabinet which seems so elegant in this room. There is no partition between the rooms. It creates spacious look for this house interior. Imagine how cozy this place for your family gathering place.

Chic Wheeler Residence Living Room Interior Featured Near Ceiling Height Ventilation Set As Interior Lighting Idea

Elegant Wheeler Residence Unitary Room Decorated Near Wooden Wall Unit Manufactured Near Open Frames

Glorious Wheeler Residence Master Bedroom Plan Furnished Near Platform Bed TV Along Near Contemporary Fireplace As Well As Glass Wall

Feminine Wheeler Residence Bedroom For Girl Decorated Inside Magenta Along Near Pink Illuminated Aside Glass Windows Set

The design of the bathroom also looks fresh and stylish. You must be want longer time for your bathing time. The bathroom has wooden floor which is blend with green tile wall and bathtub. The big bathtub is situated in the side of glass folding doors. Look how fresh your bathing time will be! You can enjoy the garden view while lying in the bathtub. In front of the bathtub is available glass shower room which has green wall tile. What a terrific bathroom concept! Overall, do you love these large elegant house plans for your next living place?

Awesome Wheeler Residence Bathroom Plan Designed Near Transparency Set As Background Of Bathtub Along Near Shower

Small Wheeler Residence Master Bathroom Interior Featured Near Shower Along Near Free Standing Vanity Near Frameless Mirror

Gorgeous Wheeler Residence Open Kitchen Plan Arranged Inside L Shaped Layout Featured Near Breakfast Spot Near Stools

Open Wheeler Residence Unitary Room Plan Displaying Cozy Living Room Along Near Connected Dining Room As Well As Kitchen

Long Wheeler Residence Indoor Entryway Interior Designed Near Sleek Brown Along Near Clear Painted Wall As Well As Lamps

Tight Wheeler Residence Narrowed Doorway Designed Near Big Tiled Wall To Cover Exterior Along Near Interior Wall


Photos courtesy of William Duff Architects.