Water Patio House – Captivating Waterfront Home Idea in Family Residence


A waterfront house can give an access for the owner to get the natural landscape so it is very suitable for person who needs a peaceful and comfortable place to live in. Designed by Drozdov & Partners, the Water Patio House get the natural scenery from the sea. This contemporary home is located in Odessa, Ukraine which is constructed on the land with 7,804 foot of square. The large garden surrounding the house creates fresh air for the habitant and at the same time refreshing the eyes while enjoying it.

This water house plans with security home cameras adapted the open air concept which give the access to the sunlight to enter the house all day. It means that the owner does not need to utilize the lamp in the entire day. The glass wall application is also deliver the advantage to habitants to enjoy the landscape outside of the house. There is also a relaxation spot available on the garden close to the sea side which can be a perfect place to hold a tea or coffee time with your family or beloved couple.

Green Garden Filled Near Grass Also Alternative Plants

Precisely in the pool side, you can find a cozy family room which is integrated by the dining space. The combination of pastel color applied on the furniture and wall with natural wooden table and red stylish couch creates a nuance of homey. There is a big concrete wall used for displaying the LED Television and a fireplace as well. It avoids you from the coldness while spending your time around this room.

On the upstairs, you will meet a large book shelf furnished by reading corner. A stylish arch lamp is displayed beside the reading chair to illuminate the habitant while reading books. In the bedroom, you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere created by its decoration. It still utilizes the pole to display the television. The bedroom is connected directly to the bathroom which is only separated by a glass wall. This house design can be applied also for the waterfront house plans for narrow lot since the glass window panel applied on the entire construction still can deliver the spacious impression for the house inside.

Red Comfy Chair Clear Sofas Also Black Colored Big LCD Television

White Comfy Sofa Also Black Pillars Made From Concrete

Light Brown Dining Table Also Several Clear Colored Chair

Cream Colored Round Pillar Which Has TV Also Fireplace On It

Grey Floor Made From Concrete Blocks Also Clear Colored Curtains

White Comfy Sofa Also Grey Floor Which Is Made From Concrete Tiles

Wooden Floor Also Clear Cupboard Made From Wooden Material

Several Clear Sofas Also Grey Floor Which Is Made From Ceramic Tiles

Light Brown Wall Which Is Made From Wooden Material

White Blanket Also Dark Brown Floor Which Is Made From Wooden Material

Black Blanket Several Pillows Also Dark Brown Wooden Floor

White Bed Linen Also Palm Tree Decoration

White Bathtub Made From Ceramic Also Silver Faucet Made From Stainless Steel

Transparent Wall Made From Glass Panel Also Surrounded Near Green Grass Garden

Water Grey Concrete Floor Also Big Swimming Pool Near Blue Colored Water

Water Grey Comfy Sofa Also Vast Garden Filled Near Green Grass

Wooden Wall Also Big Pool Which Has Comfy Blue Colored Water