Van Buchem House (2011) by Siebold Nijenhuis Architect


What do you expect while making a villa design for your family vacation residence, home library furniture? It is for sure a comfortable living place which delivers a harmony between the house construction and the natural landscape around the building. You may expect as well an open space to enjoy the sunlight in the morning or hold a family gathering in the afternoon. However, do not you get confuse to design it as in your dream as the Van Buchem House by Siebold Nijenhuis Architect can be your inspiration. This private residence is situated in Rotterdam, South Holland which makes a beautiful unification between the house construction and the surrounding forest scenery.

Vast Garden Filled Near Various Kinds Of Green Plants Also Several Green Ponds Inside Yard

Dark Brown Wooden Floor Also Several Pond Which Have Ponds Near Green Water

Van Buchem House is adapted the contemporary villa design plan that combines the application of rich wood for home library furniture ideas as well as the bright white concrete exterior wall. It is also arrange an underground living space which is intended to avoid the wasting space. While looking at the back side, you will meet some glass basement rooftop which reflects the blue sky landscape.

Several Black Wooden Relaxing Chairs Also Bright Colored Floor Made From Concrete Blocks

Grey Floor Made From Concrete Blocks Also Dark Brown Ceiling Made From WoodenMaterial

As the access to get in that area from the house, there is provided a dark wooden path. This path is surrounding the open space behind the house. Some wooden folding chairs are also available as the facility for the habitant to have sun bathing. The wooden cantilever becomes the interesting villa exterior design since it combines with glass window application hence you can hold an activity in there, such as reading books, without getting heat and rain.

While entering the basement, you can find a modern contemporary family lounge which is decorated by sleek interior design. The red sofa looks very eye catching and contrast while combining with all white themed room. This lounge is integrated with small reading corner. This concept of modern home library furniture is also applied to the bathroom which makes the villa design plan modern feels so homey and cozy.

Red Crimson Comfy Sofa Also Clear Shelf Made From Wooden Material

White Concrete Floor Cubic Motif Of Floor Mat Also Red Crimson Colored Comfy Sofa

Grey Floor Also Comfy Brown Bookshelves Which Are Made From Wooden Material

White Ceramic Washtafel Also Silver Faucets Made From Stainless Steel

White Ceramic Washtafel Also Clear Wall Which Is Made From Concrete

Dark Brown Outer Wall Made From Wooden Material Also Vast Garden Filled Near Green Grass

photographs: Menno Emmink