Using Stencils as Interior Paint Ideas


Interior paint ideas are needed to make your wall less blank. One of the best ways to paint your wall is by using stencils. Stencils are absolutely awesome to make your house extraordinary. For sure, if you use stencils to paint your room, you will instantly add some incredible decorative areas to your room. Stencils are capable to be used in order to create borders of shapes. The shapes are like repeating shapes and they are able to produce a large focal point for the room. Basically, you wall will have pattern just like in a wallpaper but in this one, you need to paint the pattern with paint as well using stencils. Below are several tips to use stencils as one of the greatest interior paint ideas.

Simple stencil wall paint ideas
Simple stencil wall paint ideas. Image Source :

Use Masking Tape

To keep the stencils in place (so that they cannot move and make your painting process more complicated), you can tape the stencil using masking tape on the wall. Masking tape is very strong yet it is easy to peel. Masking tape will not leave track on the wall as well. Move from the left to the right when applying the stencil to avoid mess.


If you never use stencils before, you can practice painting using stencils on a piece of cardboard first before you try to the actual wall. You can tape the stencils onto the cardboard and then you can try to paint it neatly. If you can produce good pattern already, you can move to the actual wall. You need to practice because if you have no experience using stencils and you use it directly to your wall, there will be possibilities that the paint will bleed or everything can be messy.

Create Textures

To make your wall even more texture to your wall by using different paintbrushes and different materials. The materials that you can use to give more textures are including cotton balls, sponges, and many more. They can give different look to your wall which is so stunning.

Make Your Own Stencil

There are a lot of shops that sell stencils. However, you can go beyond the limit and make your own stencil. All you have to do is drawing some pattern on a cardboard and then cut the shape out. Use a really sharp blade to create the neat look. Using stencils as one of the greatest interior paint ideas can really make your wall outstanding.

Interior paint ideas with stencils
Interior paint ideas with stencils. Image Source : bestwallstencils
Stencil wall paint design
Stencil wall paint design. By Janell Beals via
Stencil wall paint design for focal wall. By Janell Beals
Stencil wall paint design for focal wall. By Janell Beals via