Top 2 Baby Table Shower Ideas


Table shower ideas should be prepared for you who want to hold baby shower party. As we know, this party is really important in order to announce your new baby’s name or sex. There will be friends and families you can invite. That’s why you need to also prepare it as well.

One of the important aspects of baby shower is centerpiece table. It can be used to show what concept you use in this party. There are some types of table shower you can take as your references. Keep reading below. Here are some ideas for you.

The arrangements of single rose

Single rose arrangement  is one of well table designed for your party. It offers you the magical look and allows you to show the full theme you have. The arrangements of single rose show the elegant, fun, and cute for baby party.

You can find single roses in grocery stores easily in your local area. You can also add the candleholders for additional decoration. Snipping off the stems and arranging the set on the table will create the stunning look of your table centerpieces.

Simple Single Rose Arrangements for Baby Shower

Vases of Tea Tin

Besides using single rose stems, you can also use the tea tin vases on the table shower. There are new and vintage tins that are used often to decorate the centerpiece table. This idea will offer you the charming look with old fashioned lettering and prints.

You can clean out those containers easily. After that, you will give them the second life as the informal vases. So, this party will raise the tea theme. You can fill those containers with sweet peas, roses, and gomphrenas. You can also choose the shatterproof and water tight as your best options. You don’t need to be worried about their breakage or leaks. Finally, those are all some ideas for your baby table shower ideas.

Table Shower with Tea-Tin Vases