Tigh Port Na Long / Modern Architecture with Delightful Design


This is very surprising that seaside in Scotland has a modern residence with shower hose installation which is built close to the sea. Natural area outside is very original and healthy with high land hill area around. Of course this unspoiled place looked alike is has no neighbor to stay together in an open and wide area. This land is not filling with leafy trees and green side area but it has some leafless trees and perhaps those are the identical plants on this location. This house is named with Tigh Port Na Long and Dualchas Architects designed it.

Residence Architecture Near Wooden Wall Also Flat Roof Near Sea View

Coverless house in a very wide are and just stand alone is very unique and fun especially for a vacant house type. Moreover this modern residence designs which apply shower hose and head use flat and simple shaped, so for this natural environment this building is contrast and different. The pale color exteriors are deliberately made to show its modesty to adapt and harmonize with the surroundings. It uses linear timbers to cover all of the exterior wall side and it makes this house united with the nature. This modern looks supported with glasses usage for the walls and sliding doors. The flat roof shaped is planted with small chimney which is elongated from inside till outside.

In many house buildings the cover is not really imagined the deep side, sometimes. For this square shaped building, it is applied and occurred. The cover looks like dull and usual, but the inside parts are very enchant and captivating. The modern styles fill the entire rooms with attractive decoration. This house is emphasizing the outside views by placing the glass walls in some spots. Those spots are the most commonly used and visited so that the best arrangement for indoor which is provides outdoor view for the decoration. It uses black marble ceramics for flooring and same for outside and inside. Another modern decoration is located in the bathroom which is uses dry concept and also outside view with glass wall on it.

Don’t be misguided with usual and pallid decoration color, because sometimes they hide beautiful inside. The uninteresting decoration sometimes uses to adapt and tune with the environment around. As it can be seen that modern residence interior residence in including the bathroom interior with shower hose for bath is attractive but wrapped in pale color decoration.

Home Near Wooden Wall Also Wide Glass Walls

Living Room Near Long Sectional Sofa Also Glass Table

Home Sitting Space Near Glass Table

Dining Room Near Long Wooden Table Also Glass Chairs Under Clear Lamps

Home Near Breakfast Space Near Clear Chairs

Home Near Rounded Glass Table Also Clear Chairs

Bedroom Near Brown Bed Also Green Chair

White Sink Inside Home Bathroom Near Glass Wall

Home Near Wooden Wall Also Wide Glass Windows

Residence Near Wide Glass Walls Also Wooden Wall

Wooden Wall Also Flat Roof Facing Blue Sea

Home Near Wooden Wall Also Glass Windows

Lawn Near Home Near Flat Roof